November Remembrance Day 2015

It was surely a meeting to remember, learn and share. We had a lot of fun sharing our quilts, our November Star Challenge and our Modern Quilt Guild Charity quilt. As meetings go it was a smaller meeting yet we shared a lot of information.

This month we did Show & Tell a bit differently and stacked our quilts and blocks and Sue and Marilyn held each one of them up and the Quilter who made it spoke about their piece. It was great speaking about our projects and talking about free motion quilting techniques, putting a facing on a quilt instead of a binding, different methods on how to remove bleeding from a finished quilt and how we store/sort our fabric with so many ideas shared on what works best for each person

The general consensus seems to be using drawers/ baskets/see thru containers and different ways to fold your fabric to fit on the shelf/in a drawer.

December’s challenge (December 9th meeting) is to make a zippered bag and/or a pincushion and we will have an exchange of those so everyone takes home a gift!

January’s challenge is DIY urban scene. Now that WILL be a challenge, but that is what it’s all about. Coming out of your own comfort zone and trying something new that you “just might like” and you just might learn!


IMG_6046  IMG_6045  IMG_6044  IMG_6005  IMG_6004  IMG_6023      IMG_6016  IMG_6014  IMG_6011  IMG_6006  IMG_6026  IMG_2573.JPG  IMG_6013  IMG_6012  IMG_6017  IMG_6018  IMG_6019  IMG_6020  IMG_6010   IMG_6047   IMG_6025   IMG_6024  IMG_6022  IMG_5855 IMG_6009  IMG_6007


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  1. I follow you all on facebook, the ladies in this group are so so talented and I admire your work, you are all such talented ladies.


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