First Meeting of 2016 – A new start to Modern quilting ideas!

Happy January! It’s time for our first meeting of 2016 to be held. It’s at 7 pm Wednesday January 13th, 2016 ( see, I am remembering to change to a new year when typing ! )

The meeting is at Stitch in Jordan, Ontario. Map


Don’t forget that January’s challenge is an Urban Scene, and for those who like to double create the challenge for February is Something Scrappy! I can just imagine Pinterest lighting fire with our members searching for some inspiration.

Also I would like to mention that we do have a few vacancies in our membership list. If you would like to join our Modern Quilt Guild the cost is $30 a year and you receive many benefits by being a member of the International MQG. Membership runs from January until December so this is the right time to join!

We are a lively and creative bunch of people ( male members are certainly welcome because quilting isn’t limited to just women! ) . We share ideas and our passion for fabric. Oh and did I mention that we LOVE seeing each others modern quilts.


Create your future


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