Quilting the Quilt

How do you mark your quilt? After all that hard work and sweat and toil to make a quilt top the hard part of HOW to quilt the quilt becomes the next challenge.  Numerous discussions have happened within our Guild and further ideas will also come from these 2 articles, I am sure.

One article about using a Frixion Pen is featured here:


And another article about different uses for pens, chalk and pencils:


Chalk Pencils


Which ever is your choice, be sure to test the “marking instrument” closely. Which do you prefer? Why do you prefer it ? What hints do you have for others based on your own experience?

Also of interest to many quilters is the question ” what if the fabric, usually red,  bleeds on my quilts”. Well we have a handy solution for that, and I certainly know many quilters who use Shout Color Catchers. For myself personally they saved a quilt. I had bought some inexpensive Fat Quarters at JoAnns in United States and used 3 pieces of them in a quilt. I also did a white fabric printed backing for the quilt. I had washed and dried the quilt then realized that the red had bled thru the quilt. After pondering for weeks over how to fix this mistake ( including wondering if I should just appliqué something on the back )  I decided to rewash it with a Shout Color Catcher. It worked !!!! All of the red is gone from the back of the quilt and I now have something to display!! * editors note: these are only available in USA however Kindred Spirits in St Catharines does have some on hand for purchase *



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