Keep that Pedal to the metal

As Written by Tara McInerney ( thank you Tara, wonderful blog post ) :

Quiltcon Charity Quilt

Our crazy curved-pieced charity quilt is well on its way to having a layout plan. It will soon glow in all it’s mustard-background glory, waiting for a willing and able volunteer to longarm or machine quilt it.  If you are able to spare some space under your needle, please let us know by our next meeting, so we have plenty of time to get it to our finer binder and label-maker extraordinaire, Lorna.  The quilt needs to be sent out in January, so we need to get crackin’!  If you have any suggestions for appropriate  charities to which the quilt could be donated, let us know. If not, I am guessing Sue will consider registering herself as a charity so she can have more MUSTARD in her collection!  Please share your ideas with our project coordinator, Heather!

National Charity Opportunities

Participants are being encouraged to hang on to their scraps as there will be several opportunities for us to use them in some upcoming charity quilt drives, including Quilt Canada’s Big Quilt Bee to make the beds in Ronald McDonald Houses across the country feel a little more cozy. The instructions include that Canada 150 fabric should be used, and that the quilt should feature slab blocks.  Instructions on how to make slabs can be found on Cheryl Arkison’s blog.

International Charity Opportunities Too?

Karen came prepared with a box full of 2 ½ inch squares and a heart full of hope,  to  invite each of us to participate in creating a block or more of the Scrappy Heart Quilt (Tutorial on Hopeful Homemaker )  She has a friend who has opened a haven for 12 homeless children in El Salvador and is hoping to gather enough scrappy hearts to create a warm hug of a quilt for each child’s bed. Karen plans to singlehandedly make at least one quilt top herself—and had the squares all cut to prove it.  Though her quilt will be made up of red pixelated hearts, she is welcoming hearts made up of scraps from different prints of a single colour on a white background.  Karen was hoping to have some completed blocks ready to hand deliver when she heads to El Salvador herself, but she would happily accept blocks after her trip.  Speak to Karen for more details and feel free to peek at examples or post your own completed blocks on FB to encourage our Guild to spend an hour for a good cause.


We are approaching a new membership year, and elections are on their way.  Any member who is interested in running for president, vice president or secretary is welcome to step forward, to ask questions of our current leadership.  Elections will take place in December.  The current executive did mention that the workload is bearable.  Thankfully, Donald Trump will NOT be running for an executive position with our guild this year!

Next Sew In

For those of you who had a blast stitching away at this month’s sew in, and for those of you who were in the depths of despair because you just couldn’t make it:  Take heart!  We have another opportunity for you to bask in the joys of stitching in a group on March 25, 2017, at Bethany Community Church.  The only catch is, you need to bring something delicious to eat at the potluck.  My Rubber arm has been twisted and I promise not to bring any four-year-olds to this one!

This month’s challenge was music.  Our interpretations of this theme definitely represented different aspects of this fun theme:

We learned that Susan’s husband, John is a Juno award-winning musician, so, naturally she dreamed up a giant-buttoned soundboard (which will double as a Christmas present to decorate his creative space).  She was quite happy that she included some free-motion quilting in her project!


Effie was happy to work on something for herself for a change!  She put together two Christmas placemats and quilted them with Music themed quilting on her longarm!


I, myself had a hard time settling on just ONE interpretation of this month’s theme.  I started out with the idea of a piano keyboard, but after I was done that project, it seemed there was another little tune up my sleeve!  I decided to make a wall quilt for my dear son’s 9th birthday with a little improv-pieced lightning bolt and some FMQ lyrics to ‘’Space Oddity’’.  The little quilt is called ‘’ Ziggy Stardust to Dust’’ in awe of the late David Bowie.

dsc_1352  dsc_1353 dsc_1359

We had an Orange Challenge keener this month—Alida took our challenge very seriously and displayed a finely longarmed  huge quilt made up of oodles of isosceles triangles.

dsc_1341 dsc_1342

She also shared her granddaughter’s favourite—strawberries!  This quilt featured a lovely pieced backing.

Jan brought in her curved piecing Row by Row based landscape wall hanging, which featured vibrant greens and blues.  She made the hanging take shape with some sweet solids she bought at the Modern Bee in Virgil.  She did a fantastic job on the free-motion quilting it herself!



Our newest guest and soon-to-be-member, Kelly brought in a recent sample of some of her paper piecing, which was recently done for an online swap.  Kelly made a feather, and embellished it with fun and colourful straight-line stitiching.  Members were also very enchanted with her fantastic tote bag, which served as a giant beacon to identify her as a modern quilter.  I spotted her during our kids’ soccer match and naturally, struck up a conversation to encourage her to join us.  It was clearly the work of somebody who could teach us a thing or two, and we are all glad she made it in to meet us!


Kathleen literally had us in stitches as she told us all about the quilt top she put together with some help from the staff at Kindred Spirits.  Her quilt features chickadees and was made for her buddy ‘’Heather the Feather’’.  She’s going to love it!!

And as expected, she finished off with a very lovely bag.  This time, it was a bucket tote by Ikatbag (the link for which can be found on our Facebook page, thanks to her quick linking skills!)  Her embellishments are what make this bag so eye-catching:  She used thick thread in the bobbin, sashiko  hand-stitching and a really fancy dill button to give it her own style.

Kathleen  dsc_1361


Jennifer is one our newest members with a wealth of quilting experience and she’s filled with lot of fun moments to share. She also does long-arming!  These are her two quilts. Such passion and dedication!

She also brought in a fine Bonnie Hunter quilt—‘’Sister’s Choice’’ that she had started back in June 2015.  She just finished it last week.  Brings tears of hope to all of us with our bins of UFO’s.


dsc_1340  dsc_1339dsc_1338

The parade of colour and good workmanship we got to ogle this month was such a treat that  I am looking forward to next month’s visual feast already!  For November, the challenge is:   orange.  The fruit or the colour?  You decide!  In lieu of a Challenge for December, we want to party it down with a fun gift exchange.  We will be swapping simple totes and market bags.  Just beware, there are some hardcore Evil Santas in this group!  Just hope you get the best number in the draw, and cross your fingers that your newest prized possession is not swiped out from under your nose before you’ve even finished unwrapping it!  January, we will be whipping up ‘’trees’’, and February will be blowing ‘’windy day’’ our way!

A few highlights of our Shortcuts, tools and tricks of the trade discussion:

–You can split a zipper in two and make two different projects by buying extra pulls

–A purple thang is really handy to have

–Magnetic pincushions from the 80’s are better than the cheap ones from today

–You can use a telescopic magnet to pick up pins and needles WITHOUT bending over!!

–Surgical forceps are super-useful for turning things inside out and a reasonable facsimile can be bought in the fishing department at Canadian Tire for a reasonable cost

–The best way to degunk your iron is with…Get this…Tylenol!  I couldn’t even begin to process this until I actually tried it at home! I really was shocked at how effectively the pleather my daughter ironed to the soleplate of my $125.00 iron disappeared.

Looking forward to next month’s meeting for more sharing, inspiring, encouraging, celebrating and reveling in our joy for all that is quilty with a modern twist!  Until next month, keep that pedal to the metal!


  1. Great write up Tara! I had the most brilliant time and hope to be back again next month. Thank you to the whole group for making me feel welcome!


  2. Secretary extraordinaire! I agree, your writing voice echoes your most lovely in-the-flesh voice… Thanks for the good read.


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