Orange you glad….

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing to Orange. The citrus colour is an amazing pop in any quilt and it just plain old looks purdy!!!  Orange is the Challenge for November and we are hoping to see many things orange ( even orange peel quilts ) in 2 more days at our second to last meeting of the year.

Speaking of which, year end means that because membership is January until December,  your dues  are due at this meeting or December at the latest. It’s $35 for a whole year of fantastic fun!

Benefits of the Modern Quilt Guild
Access to an online community of modern quilters
Monthly live webinar series and access to recorded webinars.
Free monthly pattern via email.
Opportunities to participate in inter-guild swaps and challenges
Discounted fees to enter MQG quilt shows
Discounted rates on conferences and events
Priority and early-bird registration on conference and event admissions


So orange you glad I reminded you about the dues?

Orange you glad that Christmas is only a few short weeks away?

Orange you glad that you like to do Modern Quilting?

Orange you glad someone didn’t pick banana as our challenge?





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