QuiltCon 2017 as seen thru Dorothy’s eyes!

We are so fortunate to have a member of our Niagara Modern Guild at QuiltCon and boy is she ever having fun and adventures. Thank you Dorothy for letting us feel like we are there….. almost !!!


First Dorothy sent this:


View from their hotel room

I love QuiltCon in the morning! Here it is 7:05 and we have had our coffee already. This is our view of the QuiltCon location from our hotel room. Can hardly wait. We have to take the ferry over.

10 minutes to go before the doors open

10 minutes to go before the doors open at QuiltCon

And today these exciting pictures and a wonderful write up:


We went early to register and to be ahead of everyone, but we weren’t the only ones thinking that way. We found some familiar faces, some old friends, including a winner! Marilyn F had won first place in machine piecing, announced earlier at the awards ceremony. The charity quilts are hung around the outside of the great Hall in the hallways. Some beautiful quilts, including ours!
Then the doors opened. First the prize winners, then the others, all waiting to be admired. But we got drawn to the games. First Aurifil threads, then Art Gallery Fabrics. They were very popular with a big line up already because they had a game going with great prizes. My friend, Nancy, won a stack of half yard pieces in their new line. Lucky stick!
We toured the outside of the hall, stopping at most of the games, even buying at one. (Carolyn Freidlander, before it’s gone). Lots to see, and so little time. The bag was filling with odds and ends, some free, some not.
We thought it was time to admire some quilts and toured Improv piecing, and group quilts.All well done. The judges must have had a hard time deciding on the winners.
An hour of that, then lunch of overpriced, undernourishment, usual conventional fare. Then we had to prioritize and go on. So more games, shopping and quilt gazing.The bag was getting heavier and the fabrics were starting to look alike. Time to head out so back to back to the ferry.
The sun was shining and we toured through old Savannah. Lots of history here, good and bad, and lots of beautiful small parks with benches to smell the roses. Nancy had looked up Fabric shops close by and found Fabrics, a cute shop with some interesting options.
A stop at a cafe for a nice cup of tea, the CVS for some band-aids for our feet, then back to the hotel to check our bag contents to see what we got. Good stuff and a plan.
Lots of friendly quilters here and even some regular tourists. A good mix. Now for some down time.
Dorothy, Nancy and Jackie Gehrig    Nancy, Jackie Gehrig and Dorothy
Dorthy in Savannah with our Charity Quilt  IMG_20170223_115513  IMG_20170223_120343  IMG_20170223_093109  IMG_20170223_095048  IMG_20170223_095317

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