QuiltCon 2017 – Day 2 of Dorothy’s adventure!

Day 2 of Dorothy’s posts and this is her last day there. A short and very sweet trip that is made all the more awesome by her notes to us to let us feel the experience, too! She is on the plane headed home now.

As Written by Dorothy:

Friday, our last day here.
We know where we are going today. It is not a giant convention so it doesn’t take long. Nancy headed back to the Art Gallery Fabrics because they have restocked prizes, I head to the Charity quilt area for photos. The sun has passed this area now so the photo will be better.
Now for the shopping. We both have checked our lists and know where the best price and/or selection is so that doesn’t take long. Then back to the competition quilts. But before we get there we spot Angela Walters, and Jenny Down, Anna Marie Horner, Luana Rubin, and Malka D. Sorry, Lorna, no Carolyn Freidlander showings.
Lecture#1 for me. Anna Blemish from Seattle with her approach to planning quilts. Some different approaches but nothing earth shattering. She loves English paper piecing and uses patches of them in her quilts.
Today we avoided the convention center cafe and their $4 a bottle water by stopping at a candy shop and getting candy Pecans on the way to the ferry. We sat outside in the Sunshine by the river to eat. Much more relaxing.
Lecture#2. Thomas Knauer presented a talk on the problem of perfection. An interesting talk on how perfection is impossible mathematically and if we strive for it, we are setting ourselves up for failure and then thinking less of ourselves. It is better to make a quilt with a person in mind and the original purpose of quilts.
Another look at the quilts, then Lecture#3. Traditionally based quilts with Heather Jones. Nothing to relate here.
Now it is time to go home.
QuiltCon had been great, lots to see, do, talk about,  and think about and maybe try. Lots of friendly people and like-minded people.
In short, a wonderful experience.
IMG_20170224_114833  IMG_20170224_114744  IMG_20170224_114509  IMG_20170224_114356  IMG_20170224_112806  IMG_20170224_144424  IMG_20170224_101517

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