Quilting, Flying Geese and our Wow Factor Quilts!

Well if ever there was a Modern Quilt Guild meeting to NOT miss, this was the one! The pictures and stories we have to tell will astound and amaze you with the ingenuity of our Guild and our members


We had a guest from the Trent Valley Quilters Guild who recently moved to this area. Thanks Brenda for coming to our meeting and we hope to see you again soon! * hoping Brenda comes back with some of her quilts, too! *

A reminder to everyone to let your friends know that next month, April 13th,  we will have a guest speaker. Susan Clark will be showing us her amazing talent with House Quilts and much more. We are pretty stoked about this speaker as she doesn’t feel that she is a Modern Quilter yet some of us have seen her at another Guild’s meeting and she certainly is Modern!

The Challenge Box was given a good shake and we have added another challenge to our roster for the year.

April: Modern Amish

May: Make a Statement in text

June: 60 degree triangles

July: Canada – to celebrate our 150th birthday this year!

Tara spoke more about our Round Robin Improv that is happening at our Sew-In on March 25th at this location. *Reminder that it’s potluck lunch in a nut-free environment. *  For the Round Robin Improv we’ve decided that everyone participating may want to make their centre section of their improv. This will move us along and also give members an idea of how you envision an improv quilt. Not that you need to follow that! We will be using scissors, rotary cutters and no rulers that day. You should bring an iron ( just in case, however we can’t plug in too many of them ) and we will need some ironing boards. Also a power bar and and extension cords, cutting mat, your sewing machine * with proper sewing foot, and all cords you will need for your machine * that’s an inside joke for our members!  Tara demonstrated some improv patches that she has done and gave a mini workshop however I know we will need reminders on March 25th.

Dorothy, who was recently at QuiltCon gave us a wonderful recap of all the fun she had and even donated a bag she had bought there as a door prize and quite a number of other prizes. Thanks for that Dorothy. She said there were more than 50 vendors and for the 2 opening days the crowd tended to be more of a mix of ages, rather than the younger crowd she noticed at QuiltCon previously, although we think the younger crowd will have been there on the Saturday!

And now on to our Featured Quilter of the Month: Jennifer Dyck.

Jen has had quite the evolution of her quilts in her lifetime. She started sewing at the age of 5  and started dabbling in improv quilting when she was in high school. She also started following Eleanor Burns quilting and then later Bonnie Hunter. You can truly see the journey that the photos show and are a record of how she was segued into Modern Quilts. She has also dabbled in art quilts and we can see her growth into this area of quilting, too.  Thank you so much Jen. It was an wonderful display!  *see below for more about our meeting and more pictures of Challenges and Show & Tell*

image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image

 the orange needs to grow. Love the orange drops of juice!

Susan, our President, mentioned that we have quite a bit of fabric left over from our QuiltCon Charity Quilt that will be brought to the Sew-In and at a further date we will make some blocks and a quilt top for the Church where we hold our meetings.

After break we were delighted to have Kelly, from our Guild, talk about Online Resources for quilting. I don’t think our meeting has ever been so quiet nor has anyone ever kept the room in Awe and Excitement as Kelly did. Before posting what she had to share with us we will let you know that we have asked Kelly to do a regular feature about Online Resources!!! Watch for her exciting news from the world of quilting.

Kelly talked of Pinterest and the many quilting ideas but the best part was her speaking of BlogLovin’ and how to use it . She spoke of Moda Bake Shop and the contests that Sew Mama Sews regularly have online. Another great resource she spoke of was While She Naps website which features a lot of podcasts where you can really learn one on one and also Instagram and Flickr.  * who will have time for quilting with all this online exposure?!  We are thinking that you need to share the time so we still see lots of creative quilts you’ve made for your home *

Shopping online was another Kelly’s favourites * along with free give aways at many of the websites* Her favourites are Dinky Doo , the Fabric Spot and Dragonfly Fabrics. All Canadian resources where you pay in Canadian dollars because who wants to pay the hefty exchange rate right now.  And don’t forget our awesome sponsors Modern Bee, Fabric Please,  and Sew Sisters for your fabric shopping needs. The Modern Bee is close to us and all the rest need to be ordered online.

And now for our amazing challenge for March of Flying Geese and of course the ever popular Show & Tell from our band of Merry Quilters !!!


Flying Geese Challenge

image  image  image  image  image image  image  image  image  image  image

Show & Tell


image  image

image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image


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