April Showers bring… Quilts!

Well we certainly hope that everyone is fairing well in this soaking rain showered month of April leading into May. The rain didn’t dampen our spirits, nor our quilting expertise as you can see from our April meeting line-up!
First on the agenda was discussing how we will use our left over Charity Quilt fabric to the best of it’s ability and we decided that a Wonky Log Cabin quilt will give us each something to sew at home that doesn’t require alot of “thinking” and that uses up some smaller bits of fabric. Debbie will be posting instructions or you can check our NMQG Pinterest board for more ideas. Hopefully in May we will have the fabric separated and ready for you.
Kathleen will be the quilter of the month for June with her wonderful creations we are really looking forward to an entertaining 20 minutes of fun and laughter!
A smaller follow-up to our Improv Sew-In ( we have some wonderful pictures of member quilts in our show and tell featured below ) was that the quilters need a few more breaks thrown in and time to digest what they completed thus far. Do we want to do this again ? A resounding YES chorused thru the room. Also discussed was piggybacking a section of the improv quilt. Piggybacking is where one person starts an add-on to the quilt and the next person who it is passed to, will finish up the improv section to be added. Some people found that a quilter did not have alot of fabric to play with in their basket that is passed around and it made adding more sections difficult.
The improv round-robin was such a success and one could see the excitement and satisfaction that each quilter conveyed their sense of improv to each quilt. Everyone who participated felt the warm fuzzy feeling of having growth, a sense of responsibility to make their section “pop” onto the improv quilt and a deeper sense of understanding in learning a new skill that they will take with them forever!
Tara will be heading up the May meeting as our President Susan has a few trunk shows that she will be presenting out of town. We promise to go easy on your Tara * wicked grins all around *. Also at our May meeting Tara will be doing a small demonstration about using glue in your quilting projects and how much easier it is to have fabric attached when piecing it together in any projects. Debbie will be discussing the Bird Challenge for the month of October.
IMG_6562 (2)We were treated to the wonderful work of Susan Clark as our guest speaker and you could have heard a pin drop on carpetting, with the awe that our members felt when looking at Susan’s quilts. Now it should be mentioned that Susan’s daughter was due with her second baby in 2 weeks but did go into labour on the day Susan came to see us. There was a lot of anticipation about this baby and as with most babies it was false labour, however Susan did get a new grandchild 4 days later and she sent a note to let us know. It’s a girl ! 9 lbs 12 oz born on Monday April 17th. She is thrilled, both Mother and baby doing well.
During her presentation Susan told us of the history of Art and Quilts  and said that the focus is on the energy in both. There is always a Creator, who finds a need for what is being created. Then there is the Artisan who decides to replicate the what has been created. And finally there is the Connector ( which is we as the quilters ) who say “ what else can I do with this?”   I think these words during her presentation resonated the most with us because as Modern Quilters we create what we love, bringing fabric to life and should always remember that it’s the creating that is the most fun for us.  Susan has a very unique way of changing the fabrics in her quilts by layering with sheer fabric. It gives dimensions to the quilt. Finding different ways to create a quilt is trial, error and culling ideas from books for her. She also uses Magazine covers for ideas. One of Susans’ most profound statements is that a quilt that has vertical lines shows strength and a horizontal quilt is very calm, like her houses quilts.  I promise that once you see her pictures you will have much delight in seeing how she interprets each quilt and I wish I could remember half the stories she told about each of them.
Thank you so much Susan for opening our minds to the possibilities!!! With Susan’s kind permission we are posting pictures of her quilts. In replying to my request of posting her pictures Susan always has something fun and personal to say in each of her emails. She was telling me of putting a pond in her backyard and digging to get ready for it. I love what she had to say so I’m sharing it here:
” With summer coming, I’ll be living and playing in the dirt.  I find it so interesting, in quilting we use colour, texture, lines, contrast, warm colours, cool colours and it’s the same in gardening. But, of course, quilting is more satisfying – they don’t eat or drink!
Happy days! “
Susan you didn’t just put a personal touch into your note but also in your presentation and each of us has come away with a wonderful way we can incorporate it into our quilting, too !!!!!!
IMG_6631 IMG_6683 IMG_6591 IMG_6585 IMG_6564
  IMG_6673  IMG_6672  IMG_6667
  IMG_6653  IMG_6654
IMG_6638  IMG_6635  IMG_6633
 IMG_6592  IMG_6593
IMG_6578  IMG_6575
Show and Tell
IMG_6714 (2) IMG_6713 (2) IMG_6712 (2) IMG_6711 (2) IMG_6709 (2) IMG_6707 (2) IMG_6703 IMG_6701 (3) IMG_6699 (2) IMG_6697 (2) IMG_6696 (2) IMG_6694 IMG_6691 (1)
Challenges for the next few months are:
May – Using text in your quilts
June – 60 degree triangle
July – Canada 150 themed quilts, colours and history!
Now if we can just see some sunshine during this rainy season in Niagara we are sure that the spring bulbs coming up will bring many quilts to life. I personally can’t wait until our next meeting to see the quilts!!


  1. Susan Clark was so inspiring, analytical and clever. We had such a wonderful treat with her prolific trunk show! Congratulations on a new grand baby and thank you for your brilliant presentation!


  2. After seeing these pics, I am now officially devastated to have missed the April meeting!!! (Pffft…Europe – what was I thinking??) What an amazing and rich trunk show by Susan. Wow! And, of course, as always, the guild members hold their own!


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