Some Sticky Business is going On!

The month of May Blog is written by Lindsay Melnychuk. She has done the most awesome write-up including many details that I would have missed at our meeting. Well done Lindsay, this is fantastic. And if you’d like to check her out,  Lindsay is also the owner of Sew Fresh Fabrics.

Hi Ladies!

Well as usual May was a fun filled jam packed meeting, with Tara, our VP,  heading the meeting as Sue was very busy with a number of trunk shows, but still managed to attend the evening. I am super excited to be writing the blog post, and hoping I can do it justice We began the meeting introducing our newest member – Brenda!! Welcome Brenda! Its always very exciting when new members arrive, as it brings another element of creativity to a bunch of ladies who never cease to amaze me with their talents!

Debbie takes the floor to discuss our Pinterest page for the NMQG and reminds everyone that there are many ideas on there for the Bird Blocks that are due at our October meeting! No rules is the name of the game, and its all about having fun! We will have the summer to complete the blocks for a lottery draw for the wonderful creations! Each block made equates to a ballot, so sew up those birds ladies!

Tori now takes over to discuss the focus of the meeting which was “getting sticky” Using glue in quilting! What an awesome and simple way to baste, repair and even use during binding as Tori so wonderfully explained. She uses a 2 ½ strip as usual for binding, stitches with a ¼ seam allowance on the front of her quilts then uses Elmer’s *washable* clear school glue to place a very thin bead of glue within the ¼ inch seam allowance, and then folds just enough to cover the stitch line from the other side. She then stitches in the ditch on the front of the quilt using the same thread colour as the binding and uses her scissors (or a stiletto) to push the binding over as far as it can go to make the stitch as neat as possible 😉 The glue is a great way to save yourself fighting with pins or clips while binding!

Tara takes over again with a wonderful “Man Sewing Tip” for binding – when sewing the corners on binding, go “downhill”, and it will help to have flatter corners! Effie said that she was told that if they look like a “pig snout” it’s the wrong direction to sew it. In technical terms this means the fold on the corner turns left on one side of the quilt and the fold on the opposite side is pointing in the opposite direction!

In the demonstration, Tara uses “Roxeanne’s Glue for Basting” and gives the tip that a craftsy site by Cristy Fincher called “Sew Much Like Mom

IMG_6893sells the very thin tips to add to your glue bottle to ensure a very thin, controlled line while glue basting. A glue stick can also be used, and if you venture online, there are many videos with suggestions. It’s most important when using glue, to remember that it must be heat set! So make sure your iron is hot Tara shows us how she glues curves, and tells us to check out Jen Carlton Bailey’s video on Fresh Quilting site we can access through the MQG site! She is incredible at drunkard path blocks and there are lots of different ideas and ways to use the glue. Wow what an easy and precise way to piece curved blocks, and if you make an error, no worries, just pull quick like a bandaid and try again! Tara said she read somewhere that glue is just like a starch, so don’t stress, its not set in stone!

IMG_6891 Glue can also be great when using paper templates. Simply glue the template onto the fabric, and it secures it for less shifting while cutting! English paper piecing is another application where glue can be used, however be careful with the length of time that the paper is left stuck to the fabric, as it does set over time, and you wouldn’t want to have paper lining your pieces forever. What about using it for matching seams, points and patterns on the fabric? It works like a gem! Tara gives a demo that she got from Cheryl Arkison, on how to do inset circles. Draw a circle on freezer paper, bond it to the backing fabric. Notch the inside circle staying about 1/8 of an inch away from the line. Glue cut pieces inside to the wrong side of the fabric, hold the center of the inside fabric, sew the right side up from underneath while pulling the background fabric out of the way! And walla! You have an inset circle, with a beautiful clean edge.

IMG_6895Who knew there were so many uses for good old Elmers glue in quilting?? I had no idea, and it was so fun to see Tara get so excited as she went through all these new, fresh ideas for all of us in the audience.

Moving right along to the wonderful, and fabulous show and tell part of the evening. This months challenge was “Make a Statement with Text” and as usual, so many beautiful projects! I’m truly always in awe of the creativity and precise piece work that the ladies bring to show! So much can be learned in this group. How refreshing to be surrounded by such wonderful, caring, creative women!

That about wrapped up the evening! Thanks again for giving me the privilage to write this blog, and I’ll look forward to seeing everyone’s fabulous, happy faces in June with your 60 degree triangles!


 As part of our Member Trunk Shows this year, Kathleen will be doing her Trunk Show at our June Meeting. Dorothy reminded us that Marilyn Farquar will be doing her trunk show at the Grimsby Guild on May 18th. Also we will be prepping the material for making Wonky Log Cabin blocks for with our left over QuiltCon charity fabric. 

                                                                       Lorna brought along her wonderful book by Tula Pink  100 Modern Quilt Blocks  100 Modern Quilt Blocksthat is sure to be a smashing success among Modern Quilters and then what happened but one of our own members has made this quilt and brought it in for show & tell. Leigh you did amazing work on this quilt!! It’s awe-inspiring 🙂






June’s Challenge is 60 degree triangle

July’s Challenge is Canada for our Sesquicenternnail

August we have no planned meeting but we shall discuss this at our June meeting and perhaps have a bbq meeting! More details to follow

Show & Tell Challenges





  Janie made this awesome children’s book with appliqué for each letter of the alphabet and the neatest sayings under each letter. Some lucky grandchild is going to be very pleased!

IMG_6902   Kathleen could not be at the meeting so she asked Jen to bring in her Made with Love handbag that she made. LO on one side of the bag and VE on the other side! 


IMG_6903  IMG_6904 I’m not sure if you can see the details until you view the close-up of Tori’s Text Written wall hanging but the stitching is amazing! 

IMG_6906  IMG_6907 Megan wowed us with her unique purse she made “and we are not kidding ” lol … she also up cycled a plain blue jean jacket and made it uniquely her own with her embellishments !! 

IMG_6910 Audrey quilted some wonderful presents so we can’t tell you who they are for, but someone is going to have the pleasure of these very soon! 


 Dorothy showed us a beautiful quilt she has made with letters and words on it.

IMG_6912The black and white wow factor is striking on this quilt!










IMG_6914 IMG_6917Brenda, our newest member, made this Ampersand Quilt and Audrey quilted it for her. It is queen size and and absolutely delightful in the colours and the layout. The back is just as amazing

IMG_6918   Susan has some wonderful X’s that are vibrant with the black and white fabric surrounding them. You can’t see a lot of the wording on the black fabric but it sure stands out!

IMG_6919   Stephanie had done this wall hanging awhile ago with quotes from Alice in wonderland. I can soooooo imagine this hanging in a home !!

IMG_6921  Kelly did this wall hanging for a contest within her church and she won the prize !!! It’s both striking and beautiful up close ! 

IMG_6925  IMG_6926 Theres did not have a quilt with text but she has tattoo’s !!! So she showed us those !!!

Show & Tell * part 2 *

IMG_6923  IMG_6928  IMG_6929  IMG_6930  IMG_6930 IMG_6933  IMG_6935  IMG_6939IMG_6936  IMG_6938  

IMG_6944  IMG_6948  IMG_6950  IMG_6951  IMG_6953





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