Indigo is the way to go!

Hello Indigo !

We don’t have a scheduled meeting in August, so this year we thought we would do something a little different. Lindsay, one of our members, volunteered her parents place as an outdoor event to hold the Dye-In day !


On August 19th we meet at 10 am and immediately set to make the Indigo Dye. The reason is that once all of the chemicals are mixed you must let it sit for one hour. During that hour we created our fabric and stones, wood, paper clips, binder clips, clothespins, jute string and others were fastened so we’d be ready at the same time as the Dye was ready. 


IMG_0058  IMG_0067  IMG_9075 

You can see the purple colouring and the final tub full and waiting for us to dip. 

The key with Indigo dying is slow stirring…. Like we mean very slowly before it is left to ” rest” for that one hour. 


 IMG_9213  IMG_9215  IMG_9211  IMG_9205    IMG_9208IMG_0060  IMG_0061  IMG_9209  IMG_9210  IMG_9212    IMG_9202   

IMG_0059 Before you dye you must soak your piece in water and squeeze out the excess so the fabric is ready to go. 

Here we are preparing our fabric for the Dye. It is the most interesting fact that we all brought white fabric to be dyed, yet June brought some orange fabric and you will notice that immediately once you see it because of how funky it looks. 


                IMG_9207  IMG_0075  IMG_9204  IMG_9206  


These pictures show our projects once they had come out of the vat. We let them sit in the sun for about 10 minutes and then slowly starting taking them apart, cutting the string and unrolling them from wood. 

I have to honestly say that the Ohhhhh and Awwwwws and the excitment in the air was palpable. 

Squeels of delight we heard with EVERY piece that was unwrapped and then the questions started about how that person had wrapped their fabric for that effect. There were some surprises, the Pineapple shape that is one fabric and you will notice the lovely tree that someone made ( not on purpose, I assure you ) 

It even has an Inukshuk shape at the top !!!!! 


The Big Reveal !!


IMG_9220  IMG_9218  IMG_9203  IMG_9200  IMG_9201  IMG_0077  IMG_0078  IMG_9224  IMG_9223  IMG_9222  IMG_9221  IMG_9219  IMG_9217  IMG_9199  IMG_9197  IMG_9198  IMG_9196  IMG_9195  IMG_9197  IMG_9196  IMG_9194  IMG_9193  IMG_9192  IMG_9095  IMG_9094  IMG_9096  IMG_9097  IMG_9093  IMG_9090  IMG_9092  IMG_9089  IMG_9087  IMG_9086  IMG_9085  IMG_9081  IMG_9080  IMG_9079  IMG_9072  



These 2 pictures show the same fabric. The green, when it was just unwrapped and needed the sun to oxidize the dye. and the blue shows the finished piece !! Pretty cool, eh ! FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender  IMG_0081  IMG_0083  IMG_0085  IMG_0091  IMG_0097  IMG_0096


To say that this day was a success would be an understatement because everyone had such big smiles on their faces and happy fabric quilters were gathering to see more Indigo fabric. 

In the pictures you will sometimes see green. No one’s fabric went home was green. Once the fabric is meets the sun it turns blue.

At the end of the day everyone was given a small vial of the chemical to wash your project in the it will made it colourfast. All of the chemicals were included in the kits we ordered. 

The Niagara Modern Quilt Guild sends a huge thank you to Lindsay and her mother Ave for hosting us and being such great participants on this day. Ava even brought out a tea-towel and dyed it. You will notice it at the top of one of the pictures that shows fabric dying on a screen. 

It sure will be interesting for the next year to see these pieces of Indigo as they are placed in quilts and to be honest, we can’t wait to see the creations that are made !!

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