Fall Stitching is here !

Our September meeting started with reminders of dates, times and events. 

Our November meeting will be in room 207, with the smaller chairs and our Meetings for the next few months are Nov 9, Dec 14, Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 8, April 12, May 10, June 14 and July 12th. In August of 2018 we are already discussing doing a repeat on our Indigo Dying day and perhaps more experimenting with dying our own fabric. 

Oct 14th ( in 2 more days ) is our next Sew-In when we will be working on our QuiltCon 2018 Charity quilt but please also bring along your own projects to work on, too. And also cutting mats, irons, rotary cutters and any other sewing supplies you may need. The time is 10 – 4 but you can come a bit earlier to get set up. Reminder that it’s a potluck lunch and we are in  Nut Free Environment. * the sew-in date for spring of 2018 is Apr 14th* 

Next on the agenda was a recap of our Indigo Dye-In Day where there were so many successes that we truly want to do this again. One of our members, Jayne already has made a quilt top with some of her pieces and it’s ravishing in it’s originality and colour 

img_7376  img_7375  img_7377  img_7380  img_7381

Lindsay is planning to order some of the beautiful Quilt Planners and in order to save on shipping she is offering that others can go in with her order and it will cut the cost for everyone. Please let her know if you are interested. 

We welcomed our guests and are truly enjoying spreading the word on our Modern Guild and all the fun, laughter and learning that we share at each meeting. 

The MQG has sent our an email with many updates and always with lots of links to projects and ideas. If you do not receive any mail from then you will need to contact them  and also for any password resets. Their October webinar is on the Colour Wheel. 

Octobers Challenge is birds and I’m thinking that we are going to see a big flock of them. Janie can’t be at the October meeting so she brought in her bird blocks and she will have ballots to perhaps win a variety of blocks in our draw! 

img_7430  img_7428  img_7425  She made the bird bag for herself, Sorry it’s not part of the draw! 

Novembers Challenge is Rainbow and in December  will be Gift Exchange where it was voted that the gift you make should be ” A Mini Quilt” . Size to be is 18×18″ 

Heather, who is the Head of Charity Quilt for QuiltCon 2018 , did a small presentation of our idea of Modern Traditionalism with Bear Paws. We would like you to take home a package and return it at our October meeting and/or bring it to the Sew-In on Oct 14th. 

img_7385  img_7384

Stephanie is again asking members to share pics of their sewing room and has offered her cell number so pictures can be sent to her. As part of our learning phase of Modern Quilting we had quite the discussion regarding How do you Draw Inspiration to make Modern Quilts? A lot of ideas were tossed into the forum and these are just a few:


Just do It 

Sew with Newspapers to get an idea of what you want to achieve

Take a photo a day 

Follow a 365 days of blocks outline

Have any preconceived plan of what you want to make

Don’t be afraid to let yourself make a mistake because any mistakes can always be added to an improv quilt at a later date !!!!

Our October Challenge was Cogs/Wheels/Buttons/Screws

img_7392  img_7393  img_7390  img_7388  


Show & Tell

img_7441  img_7409  img_7440  img_7436  img_7433  img_7431  img_7424  img_7423  img_7421  img_7413  img_7415  img_7416  img_7417  img_7395

img_7410  img_7411  img_7408  img_7405 img_7399  img_7403

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