Modern Birds really do sing!

Birds are the theme of the month and we aim to please with our fun Challenge and block lottery! 

Reminder for November that we will be meeting in the small room 207. 

Our Sew-In was a great success and I’m telling you that the things our members can make for a potluck lunch almost exceeds their quilting skills! 

We had a wonderful catch up on Quilt Canada and discussed sponsoring a quilt for the upcoming Quilt Canada show in Vancouver. 

The MQG will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday Oct 18th on the colour wheel. The link is here for anyone who would like to join at 9pm. 

Debbie mentioned that she had been to KnitStitch on Wharncliffe Rd South, London recently where the owner of the store opened up her workshop for Debbie to work on 2 of the blocks for our Charity Quilt. It’s a wonderful new store, new to that location, and Suzanne French  has only modern fabrics. What a treat and a wonderful hostess to Debbie. Thank you Suzanne!!! 

Also there is a new quilting store in New Hamburg called Quilting by Design that has opened up and with quite a number of quilting stores closing lately it sure is nice to see some new stores open!!! 

Dorothy showed 2 of the beautiful house quilts that can be made by taking a course that Grimsby Quilt Guild is offering on Thursday Oct. 19th. There are still a few spots open and if you would like to attend that cost is $35. Contact Dorothy or you can send a note to Lorna or Debbie and we will put you in touch with the right person. 

Jayne is going to do a Trunk show in November Trunk Show with her awesome quilts and for the month of October Susan did her trunk show for us with many surprise quilts including her first quilt that took her 4 years to make with more than 5000 pieces in it, her Hawaiian quilts and her Things with Wings that has more than 50 ornaments of wing objects sewn into the quilt! 

img_7493  img_7495  img_7501  img_7503  img_7504  img_7513  img_7509  img_7510  img_7518  img_7519  img_7520  img_7521 img_7492


AND finally for the night we drew names for our Bird Lottery. Total we had more than 52 bird block, and the  winners of 15 bird blocks each were:

Dorothy, Kathleen, Janie and Donna ! Congrats ladies and now we can’t wait to see what you come up with making modern birds sing!!


Bird Block Wall !!!

img_7474  img_7477  img_7478  img_7479  img_7481  img_7482  img_7483  img_7485  img_7484  img_7486  img_7487


We ended the meeting with lively discussion of how to Manage Your Fabric Stash. Susan actually had a book that we culled a few ideas from and then added our own:

Stacking Fabric

Making/buying Comic Book cardboard holders and folding your fabric around them

Ikea baskets – they have some white baskets that members were referencing

Michaels for clear snap shut boxes that will hold a while project and that can be used again and again to store the fabric, too. 

Plastic Bins – like shoe boxes sure can come in handy too

Pant Hangers with actual clips wonderfully for larger pieces of fabric, like backing, and when you have a lot of yardage too. 

Our next challenges are:

November – A Rainbow of Colours

December – Our Mini-Quilt Swap where each person who participates will take home a gift

January – Aurora Borealis  * this should be interesting and fun*

Show & Tell 

img_7491  img_7490img_7489  img_7529  img_7530  img_7531  img_7532  img_7534  img_7535  img_7537  img_7539  img_7540  img_7395  img_7553  img_7542  img_7543


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