November Rain !

Well the song was sure appropriate for our attendance in November. Yours Truly- the blog writer Debbie and Tara our VP and a few others were unable to attend due to sickness and other commitments so this month we had our wonderful new member Brenda, who not only wrote the blog, she also took the pictures. I don’t think we’ve had a dual role for someone to play but Brenda did it with flying colours. Kudos to Brenda and many thanks for all of your hard work that night and in writing the blog!!

Without further ado here is the Niagara Modern Quilt Guild as seen thru Brenda’s eyes that night! 

Well, this was certainly a challenge for this new member, but thanks to Name Tags (thanks, Jan- I could read yours even in the back row!) and Lorna at my right elbow, I think I might make a coherent report on a fabulous, jam-packed meeting!

We were, at the last minute, able to use our regular meeting space, which was a very good thing, considering the number of attendees and the content- thanks, Effie!

To begin, President Sue Bowslaugh reminded us of the present executive, the terms of service, and the two positions coming up for elections (or volunteers), those being:

TREASURER – currently Stephanie, who is willing to mentor, and says the position is not very demanding, and

SOCIAL MEDIA – currently shared by Debbie and Lorna, and we are all aware of the importance of this job, not only to us, but also to the modern quilting world at large.

Please give consideration to how you might serve this Guild in January, for a two-year term! 

With the agreement of the membership board members can serve two consecutive terms. The president and secretary are currently in the first year of their second term. 

Next on the agenda was a reminder that we collectively need to decide on a recipient for this year’s Charity Quilt, so bring your ideas, and reasons, to be decided at a future meeting.Heather is working on the completion of the 2017/2018 Quiltcon Charity quilt top. Susan will piece the backing. 

Lorna spoke about a possible speaker/program and workshops, looking at the fall of 2018 (yes, it does take that long to co-ordinate such a huge undertaking!), and the Innovative, Modern Quilter she has in mind is Cheryl Arkison   of Calgary, AB. You may be familiar with her book Sunday Morning Quilts: 16 Modern Scrap Quilts, among others, and her work is published in Modern Patchwork, Quilting Arts, Quilter’s Connection, American Quilt Retailer, and Quilty. (I just checked out her website, and I am in love with her body of work!)  She is at the forefront of Canadian quilting and is an innovative modern quilter with a variety of courses, has three published books and has collaborated with other quilters on their published works. Lorna will put a list on facebook of the courses Cheryl offers. Fees will be charged for non-members to attend the trunk show and anyone who participates in a workshop will be required to pay a fee determined by the executive. Lorna will also contact the Ancaster Modern Quilt Guild as well as other area guilds and any quilt shops to see if they would be willing to share costs. Pam suggested the St Catharines museum as a possible venue for a workshop.

Also Lorna is organizing a 2 day quilt retreat in Italy with the leading quilter in Italy. The retreat will combine traditional and modern quilting. This is still in early stages of planning and interested participants should talk to Lorna to find out more details.  ** Can you imagine quilting in a foreign country and all of the excitement of being in a different country with different fabrics would be ?!?!?  ** 


In case you missed it…. Lorna and Tara were featured on the COVER of CQA Magazine, with their collaborative piece on Lorna’s Canada 150 QuiltLorna’s Canada 150 has been an inspiration to many and most certainly has been viewed in our Guild for a few months now, but to receive the National attention and recognition for her hard work is an achievement that few will ever experience in a lifetime. Tara adding to the article with her pictures she took of the quilt and her hints on how to photograph quilts will be viewed by many and put to good use for many budding photographers across Canada.  Tara as a VP of our Guild with her vast and enthusiastic quilting experience only adds to the timbre of  how creative our guild is. Way to go Lorna & Tara, we are all proud of you and it sure feels so great to say “ I know that Quilter !!! “   We salute their creativity, ability and teamwork.


Also in the latest CQA magazine is a picture of a quilt that Dorothy collaborated on with some friends. It’s a beautiful music quilt and they won the Oh! Canada Award from the final Grand National!There is also an article about a 9 Patch Challenge. Dorothy made a quilt for that contest and those quilts, including hers, are scheduled to go on a world tour, once the details are finalized!! * I’ll be asking Dorothy for a picture of this one to post on our blog, too * 

We have some very talented quilters in our group !!

Just a reminder that Membership renewals are due December/January. Stephanie will have preprinted forms available at the December meeting. Payment will be by cash/cheque or paypal. and we would appreciate up-to-date telephone numbers in case of inclement whether on a meeting day/night and in the event of inclement weather members will be phoned to advise of a cancelled meeting. Messages will also be put on facebook and this blog website. If any current members have not received their Modern Quilt Guild pin they should let Susan know.

Fabric Please, Sew-Sisters and Modern Bee were advertisers for 2017 on our website. We will be looking for a second year of their support as paid advertisers. Kathleen will take over this task of searching out new advertisers going forward.

We are also seeking PROGRAMMING IDEAS! Tori has previously done demos for our Guild (e.g. using glue, Go cutter) and offered to do a demo on  “ruler products for domestic machines.”. Lorna will be doing a demonstration of paper piecing! 

Next month’s meeting will be on the 14th of December, with a gift exchange of our mini quilts. Please wrap your mini-quilt so no one can see it and that is the mystery of receiving a surprise. This is our most fun meeting of the year. Why do we quilters have such a competitive nature! Sue would like us to bring goodies to share and to wear “Christmas Finery”.

January’s Challenge is AURORA BOREALIS

February Challenge: page 66 – turn to page 66 of any book and make a block or quilt with what inspires you on that page. This could be a mood, colour, character, smell, etc. Any book can be used such as a cookbook, phone book, fiction, non-fiction, TV guild

For our November RAINBOW quilt challenge, please see the photos below.  The winner of the Challenge draw was Kathleen!

Rainbow Challenge:

dsc_1043  dsc_1044  dsc_1047  dsc_1054  dsc_1052  dsc_1063  dsc_1058  dsc_1064  dsc_1067  dsc_1016  dsc_1017  dsc_1021  dsc_1020 dsc_1029 dsc_1033  dsc_1035  dsc_1039 


Stephanie presented our Studio Tour, from submitted photos.  She didn’t even know whose was who’s, and we had a great time sussing out the owners of these creative spaces. Her rules were: be kind, drooling and admiring permitted, ideas welcome, comments on what you love and/or appreciate, storage tips. Discussions were held on what was the owner’s favourite part of their studio, what would they change, how do they organize

Great Idea, Steph!  Prizes were provided by Stephanie and awarded by a draw to Audrey, Dorothy, and Effie. Full list of participants:  Brenda, Tara, Effie, Jayne, Debbie, Dorothy, Jennifer, Lorna, Kathleen, Stephanie, Susan, Theresa and Audrey.

Door Prizes were won by: Cheryl, Pam, Dianne, Lindsay and Jayne.

Whew!  And, as if that wasn’t already a full meeting, we were then treated to a Trunk Show by our very own Jayne as featured Quilter of the Month.  What a huge and varied body of work!  Jane showed us her inspiring quilting journey featuring quilts of different techniques including hand piecing, redwork with McTavishing, applique, yo-yo’s, a tie quilt featuring her Dad’s ties, stack & whack, paper piecing, traditional quilt blocks, and many more.

Jayne’s Trunk Show:

dsc_0001  dsc_0004  dsc_0009  dsc_0012 dsc_0013  dsc_0017  dsc_0020  dsc_0023 (1)  dsc_0059  dsc_0056  dsc_0052  dsc_0050  dsc_0046  dsc_0045  dsc_0042  dsc_0038  dsc_0034  dsc_0031 dsc_0030  dsc_0027  dsc_0024  dsc_1107  dsc_1108  dsc_1106  dsc_1104 dsc_1102  dsc_1097  dsc_1096  dsc_1095 dsc_1093



January’s featured artist will be Ann

February’s featured artist will be Effie 

See you all on Thursday December 14th at 7 pm !!

Show & Tell


dsc_1091  dsc_1089  dsc_1074 dsc_1070dsc_1080  dsc_1083 dsc_1078


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