December Shenanigans!

I have to be honest and say that one of the highlights of our Guild is the December meeting! We all have a riot of fun making our “gift exchange” presents but the most fun is when we have our “trade off” on the gifts.  More to follow and lots of pictures too. 

Susan started our meeting with a reminder that Stephanie would be accepting membership renewals tonight and there sure was a long line at break time. Belonging to the MQG really does have it’s benefits and as time goes on I find that more people take advantage of these and it enhances your quilting, too! 

Dorothy and Heather presented the finished QuiltCon 2018 and the only words we can think of are WOW !!! Dorothy quilted it and since our Modern Tradionalism was a bear paw quilt with bear tracks across the quilt also incorporated into our quilt by Dorothy is a message about Global Warming and Climate Change. Dorothy has again outdone herself on the quilting with passages that refer to Global Warming and even a quilted Eiffel Tower for the Paris Accord and our planet Earth!  A complete article will be written for our QuiltCon 2018 entry so I won’t give away too many more details right now.

This year we will also be entering our QuiltCon quilt into Quilt Canada as a group quilt under Dorothy’s name. It’s exciting to us to have the exposure to other quilters who we feel would really appreciate this quilt and all the work that our Guild has put into it ! 

Kelly will be looking into our Guild donating our Charity QuiltCon quilt to the ALS Society. We recently had a member who lost a loved one to this disease and it only seems fitting that our donation to them would be the right thing to do. Kelly will let us know more details as she finds them. 

Lorna created quite the lively discussion at our meeting our having a speaker/workshops. We are considering Cheryl Arkinson however the final decision has been that we will have Libs Elliot from Toronto hopefully to do a workshop in May of 2018. It was great when Tara sent out the details to members so they had a chance to read about the speakers and a chance to consider which one they would like. More details to follow on Speakers. 

We have created a new position on the executive being Advertising. Kathleen has said she would love to work with us on creating an advertising campaign in 2018 and we are pretty excited about that. 

At our coming meetings Lorna will do a presentation and mini workshop on Paper Piecing in January and Tori will do a mini-workshop and presentation on Rulers for Quilting. I think it’s the learning about quilting and the many tools and techniques that keeps us pushing to always learn more in Modern Quilting that creates the bond we have with our fellow quilters. 

January Challenge is Aurora Borealis

February – 66. Which Heather explained as “turn to page 66 in book and read it to yourself. Surely on that page will be ideas of something Modern that you can make ” … Heather read from the newest Dan Brown  book and as we could all see there were multiple ideas on making a quilt from a words on that page. It’s all about being creative and using your inner words to find inspiration to creating a piece of art !!! 

March – Hearts … any kind of hearts, any colour, any kind of wonky shaped heart. Just “have a heart” and join in the challenge ! 

Stephanie did the treasurers report and we are looking good !!! 

Tara did a 5 minute presentation of a wonderful idea that would sure help many of us. Instead of spending $65 on a special slippery sheet to put under your needle ( when doing free motion ) there are so many other options out there and this one is soooooo inexpensive and works like a charm. Tara had bought 2 Crazy Carpets – the kind that children use to go down the hill when sledding – and duct taped them together and placed that under her presser foot and instant SLIDE when moving fabric to free motion quilt. They are available at the dollar store right now, seasonally, and would cost you about $3 to make. 

Next we came to our elections and at this time the position of Treasurer and Social Media were expiring. Stephanie will continue as our Treasurer and and Debbie will continue as Publicity/Social Media. These are 2 year terms. It’s wonderful that Kelly has said she would like the Publicity/Social Media in 2 years, once her youngest child is in school, so this will be a wonderful transition time !!! Please note the added Executive position of Advertising which will be filled by Kathleen. 

And now it’s time for our gift exchange. I am doing it a bit different this year and would like to post Who Made the gift and also Who Received it. My knowledge is not complete  ( what can I say, it was a busy night and so many names being tossed around about who made the quilt and the pictures didn’t always show who received it ) so if you would kindly fill me in with a post to this blog OR to our Facebook page I will add the names that are missing! Please describe the quilt so I can correct the right picture * please and thank you*

First it should be mentioned that both Margaret and Megan could not attend the meeting so since they carpool together they just traded the quilted wall hangings with each other ( great idea ladies )  so they are featured first:

IMG_1132  Megan holding the wall hanging that Margaret made and Margaret holding the wall hanging that Megan made !!! You two are very clever!

IMG_1108  Made by:          ……. Received by: Linda

IMG_1095  Made by: Brenda….. Received by:  Sharlene

IMG_1107    Made by:  Effie   …… Received by: Audrey

IMG_1105   Made by: Alida…….. Received by: Suzanne

IMG_1104   Made by: Ann  ……. Received by: Kelly

IMG_1103   Made by: Tara…….. Received by: Deborah

IMG_1102Made by: Audrey    …… Received by: Jayne

IMG_1101     Made by: Pam     …….. Received by: Lindsay

IMG_1100    Made by: Janie     ………Received by: Marilyn who could not attend meeting

IMG_1099     Made by: Kathleen….. Received by: Effie

IMG_1098  Made by: Jennifer…..      Received by: Tori

IMG_1097  Made by:   Sharlene     Received by: Susan

IMG_1096  Made by:   Deborah    …… Received by Kathleen

IMG_1094 Made by: Carla…….. Received by Tara

IMG_1093  Made by : Heather ……. Received by Janie

IMG_1092  Made by: Lorna …… Received by Roxanne

IMG_1091  Made by:       …… Received by: Karen

IMG_1090  Made by: Marilyn….. Received by: Heather

IMG_1089  Made by Susan……. Received by: Debbie

IMG_1088  Made by: Terry  …… Received by: Donna

IMG_9713  Made by: Debbie….. Received by:  Pam

IMG_1087  Made by: Donna…. Received by Teresa B.

IMG_1086  Made by: Linda…. Received by: Dorothy

IMG_1085  Made by:  Jan…….     Received by:  Jennifer

IMG_1084  Made by: Dianne  …… Received by: Leigh

IMG_1083  Made by:   Jayne  ….. Received by: Stephanie

IMG_1082  Made by: Karen   …….. Received by Donna

IMG_1070  Made by: Roxanne….. Received by:  Jan

IMG_1080  Made by:   Lindsay   ….. Received by: Ann

IMG_1079   Made by : Tori…. Received by: Carla

IMG_1078   Made by: Stephanie   …… Received by: Brenda

IMG_1077   Made by: Dorothy…. Received by: Alida

IMG_1076  IMG_1075  IMG_1074

Lucky Lorna received 2 quilts and one of them was double sided.  Made by: Suzanne…. Received by: Lorna


Show & Tell:


IMG_1114  IMG_1116  IMG_1115            IMG_1118  IMG_1119   IMG_1117                                                                       

IMG_1113  IMG_1112  IMG_1109  IMG_1110  IMG_1071  IMG_1121                IMG_1120  IMG_1111  





  1. |Debbie you put me down as Dianne but I am Donna and the quilt I received was made by Karen and Diane’s quilt was made by Theresa B. who received the quilt I made which you have right. The quilt that was received by Leigh was made by Diane Thanks for all work you did on this post. It was not easy to keep it all straight for sure .


  2. I am so sorry to have missed a really awesome meeting!!! What a magnificent display of artistic quilts! You ladies all inspire me! I look forward to our next meeting in January 2018. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!


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