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 Well the March meeting will be in a few days but we’ve had the luck of the Irish dealing with the weather and our meetings lately.  Of course we are very Canadian and love talking about the weather but snow and quilting don’t always go together! 

 We have confirmation now for our Libs Elliott workshop on May 5 to be held at First Grantham United Church in Saint Catharine’s  and the enthusiasm is sure building  because we also have Libs Elliot booked for an April 12 trunk show at our guild meeting. There will be an extra guest fee that night because of the speaker. 

 We are also currently in discussions with the Ancaster MQG about possibly having Cheryl Arkinson for a workshop in the fall.  Keep your ears tuned for our upcoming workshops. 

 Kathleen floated some wonderful ideas for advertising within our guild and we had quite the lively discussion about it so please keep coming up with your ideas and let us know at the next couple of meetings your thoughts.

 Tara has updated our member list and also wanted to be able to add peoples Instagram accounts and any other accounts they’d like to add to our master lists  so please let her know your updates. 

 The new badges and pins  are in from the MQG  and of course we’ve all been keeping an eye to be able to see the wonderful quilts that were at QuiltCon 2018.  Hopefully next year will see some of our members featured there!

 We had a wonderful discussion that hopefully leads to a lot more conversation  from Stephanie about possibly having a quilt show in 2019 and how can we prepare ourselves for that and get ourselves out there.  More discussion obviously to follow about this but we’ve got our minds working now !!  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the idea of a garage sale too.

 Terri  talked for a bit about our Sew-In day on Saturday April 14 where anyone willing can make a collage quilt.  She  has come up with the supply list and needs for that day and  Audrey reminded us she’s bringing the projector and we were talking about free printable patterns. 

 Tori did the most wonderful demonstration about Westalee Rulers and how they can be used on your domestic tabletop machine …..  there was a lot of discussion around her table and the examples that she had were outstanding.  I think we were all in a little bit of awe at what can be done and I could really see a lot of our members really catching on to these rulers. These are available for purchase at Kindred Spirits on Martindale Rd, St, Catharines.  Thanks Tori for the fantastic demonstration!!!

F4830636-8C09-4945-9AE2-E2DE162A70CD  231F23D4-A780-4C5A-9973-446027DAEF90

Quilter of the month was Effie and we were sure in for a treat. Having started as a traditional quilter, as most of us were, you can see her conversion to Modern so well !!

E2818831-7D81-4B5A-8E98-8CE4E77680F5  5E9D2293-E740-47FD-9617-8A7AB4BED202  66FCF30D-5FB6-4526-82F5-6731C068423E  146C7510-763F-43BD-80E3-32A4A79A045C  EDB3E9E9-8EC5-41F1-8144-1243D3E33F04  

B7BECD7A-B4CD-49E4-9FED-BBC3F73A85ED  F8E07C28-3E5A-40DE-A3BD-526DE833E2B8  

4197EC04-4D19-43BE-BB17-CAB6FC68B55D  87797537-6406-4BD4-925C-47819FE58B69  8C865AE9-302A-4411-9BC8-659B3A5893C3

12ADAAF3-7C71-40A7-9412-B0F33DF50658  47A47166-56AE-409B-8630-4E070DE87C7B  

6371FBAB-FB6C-4DCD-807E-1049CF9D8225  2093E538-94AE-4033-AC74-5E9E4E076EC2  F568BA08-5FD8-4074-B76A-C438EBF0CA59  4E7730D3-29C9-420E-AD80-944C74C6EC42

3CA44DDF-BFB8-4582-B4AB-C7CBCD946DBF  6B07FF9D-81F9-4116-B23B-C66B0FBB9D51

294D7394-9B9C-413D-9046-6732A93C8F3B    F5A1E038-4BF3-4E80-BB39-9B003F84CE869D25584F-F98A-4099-9DDB-E3D66540AAAE

We look forward to March when our featured quilter will be Margaret!!

Page 66

 Even though I didn’t make a quilt or a wall hanging for this challenge I believe it is the coolest challenge we’ve ever had.  The promise was to turn to page 66 in any book read the page and pick something out of that page that made sense of  something you could be creative about .   While we only had four of these quilts there was a lot of thought that went into each of them .  

 Tara’s wall hanging is from harry potter and is the 3-D chair that she designed the pattern for ( fantastic free motion quilting around it too ) 


 Dorothy’s wall hanging was based on the book the Descendant.  I wish I could remember more of Dorothy story of why each of these is significant but it’s a beautiful wall hanging !!


 Heather’s wall hanging was from a book by Ann Taylor and on page 66 there was a funeral and a reunion 


 Susan’s wall hanging was done from page 66 from a book by Anthony Bordon and it was about fresh fish 


Our up coming Challenges are:

March – Hearts

April – Paint Chip Challenge –  use all of the colours on the strip of a paint chip and create something !!

May – With a Song In Your Heart ,  oh I can see this being an interesting challenge for everyone ! 

Show & Tell 

799D61F6-CA09-4B62-8477-BC76354F791F  6B143F22-E2FC-4130-B029-1E68C1C8DD56   BFB5288C-B80D-44F3-9D06-C0F454336C90  F09D8873-70EA-479B-AEFD-AEE19BBBBF06        C7B5BB69-032F-40E2-87F5-B0290B5D6910  

97323351-21D6-47BD-B85D-F95DF1BF7947  5ED2A33D-B3E0-452D-A8F8-4C88599A27DE  B45B91F3-EC23-44A0-9095-287AB4D7B69F  0B57CC4E-A0C1-4F1F-91D2-638E1782EFEC  69FFDE64-B337-4088-AFA8-FEE5F2313500  6942402A-8359-470F-8D51-4BE215BEEB00



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