Gotta Love Pinch Hitters!

Hello all Niagara Modern Quilters!!

My Name is Kelly and I am the pinch hitter blog writer for Debbie this month.

All I can say is kudos to Debbie for taking notes at each meeting every month–the March meeting was so jam packed I hope I do it justice!


Our meeting was a busy one on March 8/18 – and a lot of fast talking to get it all in! 😉

We had 38 in attendance along with our new member, Gwen! We also hosted several guestst that came along with Megan and Margaret to cheer Margaret on as she presented her trunk show this month–Welcome!

We begain by discussing our next April 12th meeting at 7 pm, Bethany Church, St. Catharinesas where we  will host a trunk show featuring Libs Elliott!!

Members offered to lend a hand to both Libs to set up earlier and to guests who will be visiting us.

Can’t wait!! Invite your friends! Guests will pay $10 entry fee that night.

On May 5/18 Libs will be back for to present her Embrace the Chaos Workshop at First Grantham Church, St Catharines…..there are a couple spots left– please contact Lorna for details. It was suggested that those attending start saving solid fabrics. A collection of 12-14 FQ’s would be a good jumping off point.

There was more talk of a collabortive hosting of Cheryl Arkison between our guild and the Ancaster Modern Quilt Guild. It was suggested that a trunk show be on November 7/18 and a workshop on November 8/18. More details to follow.

Saturday April 14/18 from 10am – 4pm is our Sew-In Day! We will be trying our hand at a collage type applique that looks so modern and fabulous– or bring along a project of your choice to work on! We will be having a potluck lunch–please be reminded that we meet in a peanut-free facility.

Great News!! Our guild quilt got in to Quilt Canada!

Other members quilts were also accepted– Congratulations to Effie, Tara, Debbie, Lorna, Dorothy, Heather and Megan!

Suzanne and Kathleen have kindly offered to audit the guild’s books. Thank you ladies!

This month’s challenge show and tell was magnificent! 

Pam started us off with a piece from last month’s page 66 challenge. Her page was a blank so she went wild!



Janie also shared her page 66 quilt. Her book was called Barefeet and page 66 was about a bride and her bridesmaids having trouble organzing their schedules for the bachelorette. It took place in Nantucket and focused on these fancy women. This page circled around each bridesmaid wanting to be the brides favourite.


Upcoming Challenges: April – Paint chip challenge 

                                                May – Song in my heart

                                                June – Triangles

This Month’s Challenge was Hearts and we had many join in on the fun!

Brenda made a heart pillow in the first quilting class she ever took. 


Leigh did a dresden heart.

IMG_1259  IMG_1258

Janey created an improv heart inspired by the words “love has a dark side”.

IMG_1262  IMG_1263

Jayne did some gorgeous double hearts.


Audrey made a heart wall hanging for her door to her classroom using a pattern from the Pat Sloan Button Club.


Donna created a clover heart.


Diane’s heart was her first and last attempt at paper piecing! LOL!


Lindsay used a Clover and Violet pattern – Straight to the Heart –  and hand quilted it with Valdani Thread. She also made a string heart pincushion.


Lorna also did a paper pieced heart finished with big stitch quilting.


Margaret made a pixelated heart.


Kathleen was inpsired by the song “How to mend a broken heart and live again” by the BeeGees.


Effie Created a heart inspired by Al Cote.


In other guild news, Lorna shared about her passion for walking foot quilting and was asked to participate in a social networking campaign on Instagram called @52quilters – You can check out her posts on IG!

Tara also shared about the Angela Walters FMQ Quilt Along. Each week is a new type of FMQ to practice. It will make a fetching quilt and offers a chance to spread your free motion mojo.

Brenda shared about the Victoria Quilts Club that she has joined. They make quilts for Cancer patients and are looking for volunteers to do the sewing. If you are interested they meet on Wednesdays in St. Catharines at St. Barnabas Anglican Church from 9am-12:30pm.

This also prompted a discussion about the guild making Dignity Quilts for nursing homes. Something we hope to look into more.

And in other news– Lorna FINALLY won a door prize! Kindred Spirits kindly donated  a yard of Tiger Lily– Pantone’s Colour of the Year!

Our guild sure was busy creating this month! Our show and tell was chock full of creativity. We tried something new by having members write down information about their show and tell to aid in the note taking at the meeting. This is a great way to recognize the artist who designed the patterns and where each quilters inspiration came from. This was the first time we tried it. So here goes nothing!

Show & Tell

Kathleen (@jingles5red) created a masterpiece again! Insprired by Quilting Arts on PBS– they featured memory quilts by Susan Lenz. Kathleen translated this into a quilt to remember her mother and Kathleen’s childhood using pieces of her mom’s sewing handwork, Kathleen’s smocked nightie and bib from her childhood. Also remnants of a tablecloth, a quilt, and a hankie. Also a picture from 1965 of Kathleen and her mother. The back was crafted from an Antimecasser which was a cloth once used to cover the top of a chair to protect from Mecasser hair oil. 

IMG_1191   IMG_1190

Kathleen also shared a quilt made by her friend Barb.


Audrey (@glorybequilter33) shared 4 wallhangings made with Pat Sloan’s Button Club patterns. Knowing they aren’t the most modern, Audrey wanted to use up her scraps and do something fun and small. She likes to attach the buttons while watching Survivor and Victoria on tv. She quilted them on her home machine. 

IMG_1206   IMG_1205

Megan (@littlemeganlittle) shared framed art pillows and rope bowls. The pillows were created improv style with curved piecing to make scenes and frames around the “art”.  Her rope bowls were made using 100% cotton rope using a youtube tutorial.

IMG_1200   IMG_1199

Susan shared her Rainbow quilt. She created this quilt on a “Snow Day” from work, using Kona solids inpsired by 12″x14″ quilt on pinterest. She however does not do mini and enlarged the design using a gorgeous modern palette!

IMG_1202  IMG_1201

Lorna (@lornacost) shared her Gaggle of Geese quilt designed by Better Off Thread. It was foundation paper pieced. It called to her and she just had to make it!

IMG_1187   IMG_1186

Dorothy created a self-portrait quilt she calls Quilter with an Earring. The portrait was based on a selfie she took. In this challenge she shares that the values are the key to success. She used several mediums including fused applique by machine and then quilted. She admits she gave herself a bit of a facelift and a glint in her eye–but truly that is exactly how we see you Dorothy!

IMG_1193   IMG_1194  

She also shared 2 quilts from her Hyena series, named Xena and Colchise. Xena was based on a photo of her daughter-in-law’s favourite Hyena cub. Her fave colour is purple.


The second, Colchise, was crafted inspired by the favourite matriarch Hyena of her daughter-in-law Julie’s professor. It was made as a presentation gift. 


Tara showed us her Elizabeth Hartman porcupines that she made for a friend’s new baby. The quilt says Dream Big Little One! Tara quilted this quilt on her table top Domestic sewing maching and the detail is fantastic to see up close!

IMG_1188    IMG_1189

Lastly, Jayne shared her quilt entitled Garden Path. It was created from a block of the month hosted by the Niagara Heritage Quilt Guild. It is a birthday gift for a great friend and made using florals from her stash. The pebble quilting really enhances the blocks.

IMG_1198    IMG_1197

The true highlight of our meeting was the fabulous presentation of Margaret’s Trunk Show!


A splendid display of colour and skill. 

Margaret has this to say about her journey in quilting:

“My interest in quilting was sparked one day in 2004 while walking in Oakville. I happened upon a really appealing quilt store. It just so happened they were offering quilting lessons for beginners and I signed up. I had an amazing instructor named Laura Davidson, who taught me all the essential basics on how to put a quilt together. She encouraged her students to attempt FMQ and gave us a stencil to use. So I became hooked!! I joined the Oakville Quilters Guild as well as the Halton Quilters Guild and started accumulating books and fabric and patterns. I love selecting a pattern and deciding on appropriate fabrics, rotary-cutting all the pieces, then piecing them together. My least favourite part (and I’m working on this part) is the actual quilting. I signed up for ruler quilting classes as well as a Facebook FMQ challenge for the purpose of shedding my fear of quilting once and for all!”

              IMG_1248                                 IMG_1247


Margaret shared many quilts with us! So many she just started chucking quilts into a pile to fold later. This pile became a tower!!!

She began with sharing the quilt completed from her first class in 2004. She was the only one in the class to finish and she even did the FMQ! 


She then shared a leaf quilt made using freezer paper.


Her Maple Leaf quilt was made for her son’s graduation.

IMG_1244    IMG_1243

She made a Bargello style maple leaf quilt and had a friend from the Oakville Guild quilt it.


In 2012, she created a rainbow batik pyramid quilt.

IMG_1241  IMG_1240  IMG_1239

In 2014 she followed a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. It became a double sided bed spread and lives on her bed.

IMG_1238  IMG_1237

She too has done paper piecing and made a star burst quilt.


She made a Winner’s Bouquet quilt using the Susan Forbes curved ruler technique.

IMG_1234   IMG_1233

Again using a Bonnie Hunter pattern she created a Double Irish Chain quilt under the tutelage of Sue Paquette.


She shared a wallhanging she made for her kitchen.



And these others that were so stunning they took your breath away !!

IMG_1229  IMG_1228

IMG_1227  The back of this quilt!!!

And who doesn’t love the threat of a trunk show to finish some UFO’s?! Her Trip Around the World quilt was stunning!


At a sew-in day with Sue Paquette Margaret created this amazing Buggy Barn Star Quilt.

IMG_1224  IMG_1225

We also had opportunity to see her Canada 150 panel quilt.

IMG_1223   The Front of the quilt

IMG_1222   The back of the quilt.IMG_1221


And from the Halton Guild, a mystery quilt by Suzie Leeker.


A fabulous Batik Strip Slice quilt.


She shared her Christmas Tree challenge quilt made using the glue method for binding.


She created a fabulous quilt via the Totally Triangular Quilt Along hosted by Sheila Kristensen. Sheila was so impressed that Margaret had followed along and completed her blocks in record time that she was asked to sample extra blocks!


She also shared her completed Gypsy Wife Quilt with an extra border because she thought it wasn’t big enough!


Lastly she shared some placemats she had made from scraps as well as a runner. 

IMG_1208  IMG_1209  IMG_1210  IMG_1211  IMG_1213  IMG_1212

Margaret was a joy to listen to and her creations were a feast for the eyes! One thing we can say about Margaret is she finishes what she starts and “go big or go home” seems to be her mantra! 

Thank you Margaret for sharing and thanks to all that attended that made the night a truly magical experience.

Until next time!

( thank you so much Kelly for writing the blog this month. You did an awesome blog !! Debbie ) 


  1. Oh jeepers! I don’t know how I missed Tara’s hedgie quilt! so sorry! thanks for fixing my mistakes Debbie 🙂 You still wear the blogging crown!


  2. Kelly you totally rocked this blog, I only cropped pictures and then matched the pictures to your writing !! Excellent blog 😁


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