Collage Sew-In Creativity !!!

 I am reversing the order that I would normally do posts  because we had so much fun at the Sew-In and I really wanted to share ! ( besides it’s a faster post to do lol ) 

 We had 12 members and three  drop in visitors … I have to say that this was honestly my favourite Sew-In I’ve ever been to  (sorry to the folks who missed it and all the previous Sew-Ins ). The reason being that I’ve never heard such laughter, seen more sharing of ideas or sharing of fabric, sharing of the absolute most delicious potluck and that you came away from the day with that Feel Good Feeling inside of you that you’d like to do this once a week !!!

Our MQG meetings are quite packed and we are on a time constraint to leave the building close to 9 pm, so we don’t get alot of Social Time. Sometimes people arrive early and once it is light we will stand in the parking lot talking but a whole 6 hours dedicated to having fun and sharing during a Sew-In is wonderful.  As our President Susan says ”  I think the original purpose of the Sew In Saturdays is primarily to socialize with guild members.  It is always fun to see what other people work on, how they work, what machines and gadgets they use.  And a whole day of dedicated sewing time?—Bliss!!!” Perhaps we should call all of our Sew-In days  ” Sew Bliss Days”, not be confused with Snow Bliss Days lol 

A huge thank you to Teri and Karen for organizing, creating needs lists and supplies for our Learning How to Make a Collage Quilt Day ! These were both amazing helpers and the most patient teachers for those of us making a collage quilt. As always our Saturday Sew-Ins are your choice to sew your own project or follow the class and on this particular day we had 8 of us working on Collage. 


Teri and Karen were prepared with pieces of fabric and Steam a Seam and did several examples for us yet the most inspiring was that rather than try to cover your whole project with fabric a better idea is to use a fabric backing that blends in with your colour style and it cuts down a lot  on the but work. Jo-Anne, our newest member did this and as you shall see in her pictures it look so appealing !!!





1917B532-0107-4395-8787-6AE6CDA40A21  1FAB9026-935E-4E67-BD77-F601FEA06449    IMG_1281 2D7973E9-75A8-4813-96E8-3E78E894E12F   479B6D63-136C-4C87-B624-61D4A5B943AA  43E6E53B-7AB1-4E76-90F2-68E0979F7BE4                 F6873F27-D3AD-49BD-BA64-4AD045B66F31   There is a particular glue that you want to use to adhere the project to your fabric background and that is pictured here along with 2 completed projects that Karen & Teri brought along. 


Stephanie and Brenda chose to work on their own projects, which was refreshing to ask questions of the patterns and to see their fast progress, too !! 

04EFCB03-DCB2-4C4F-81E8-4358D2E61D5E  B40CF7EE-2987-4635-8BD5-22D1C6EBF528  3388CED3-09FF-4E84-9DCE-ACCDEBB9FD3A  


And of course there was our wonderful lunch !!! Trust me when I say that the action/sewing slowed down after lunch because I think we were all ready for a nap !!! 

BCA88AF3-A8DC-423E-81BA-A935F2ED9333  7A8A37D6-9ECF-49C6-AE87-FA0550D2EA97  B0C86512-2F28-48A8-B8A1-3B8A57CD0551

And now for some of our projects. Hopefully we will see these in our future meetings all quilted and finished with the Maker having a proud big smile on their face !!! 

836FBA8E-F6AE-491F-9321-4694FCC0A8A9  E557463E-7CB8-4CD8-8265-09183CCF3ED8    IMG_1284  Alida and her Rabbit! Love!

20920463-E187-44AA-997A-CC52084DFA74   AB8D6239-5DDF-4E97-90B2-D531981F0F8A     2AEAF95E-7DC3-492F-9574-35F482A6A63F

Lindsay and her Flamingo, that I confused for a swan. I think I need a botanical course to keep up with our members !!!! LOL 


117AAA8E-276E-4B08-898F-BB623F81000E  7E71408F-0C65-483D-BC7A-1C83146D898D   IMG_1282Barbara and her beautiful flowers. She does her collage in a reverse to how we learned but I love her technique ! 

IMG_1285  1685A4FE-D4A4-459B-BFAB-AE44B9AB44FF  3EFB92C3-E9AE-4B00-9B8E-40B6F05F4B06

Jo-Anne (our newest member ) used a blue backing which is a brilliant idea. She said her first sew-in was a lot of fun !!!!

C5953FAC-05AB-4255-B07B-2AC803401A6C   5B4BE172-818E-4742-A4DF-C49563DA4BDA

Kathleen was very innovative and is making her collage of a picture. It’s the Burgoyne Bridge.

927B19D7-0696-49FF-A1BD-C3D0F5EB96E0  4C121F91-8690-4674-9C47-1E0C5955348C C77AC59A-7E54-46DE-BE76-E17A305160D7

Jayne is working on a horse! We all shared ideas and fabric for making eyes on collage !! On her project if you touch the tip of the horses nose it actually feels velvety soft, like a real horse! 

8101C99B-1088-46FF-B9D8-25C0A26C04C2  52B033EF-ED72-4D63-AA9B-3BFD1A281A44  95D673EE-46CD-46AA-83AD-BB2B2609FD0E  66193978-7C4D-4BBD-A938-ABC3D3864D40  B48B907A-5627-465C-BEA9-4A5530349E9A

Leigh is making a  Collage Quail. The last picture is not her finished project but  a picture that she printed from online to give her guidance. I think she is doing the hardest collage but I have no doubt she will make it look amazing! 

847EA0CA-5DE0-4CC7-9FF5-AEB51348157A    C907E137-4694-40E5-8DF7-B7955B6CA216  BBC629DA-4DE3-42C1-A586-2DB543ABF763

Debbie is working on a Collage Dress Form. It’s a work in progress!

Again a huge thank you to Karen & Teri for the great day. It was fun, creative and I say we do this again in August at our summer meeting !!!! Well maybe not a Collage but lets have a super fun day of being together and being creative as a group !!!! 


  1. It was a very nice day. Great teachers!!! Food was excellent. I have finished placing all the pieces on the horse and I have been searching the web for quilting ideas. Found a few, but I need to finish a couple of other projects first.


  2. Thank you Debbie for your always upbeat blog
    We have a good group in NMQG .
    Though I didn’t “take” the photo I’m working from , I did “take” it from the Internet.


  3. Lots of fun! You ladies are all so creative and inspiring – we simply guided and you took the ball and ran! Can’t wait to see the finished projects at a future meeting.


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