2 Truths and 1 Lie !!

Hello May and goodbye April. We had a soggy wet, cold and snowy April so here’s hoping that our summer is good weather. Odd how the days seem to get away on you. This blog is so late and don’t ask me where the time has gone, but already it’s May. ( and I thought our meeting was next week, so I figured I had some spare time lol ) …. * reminder to myself to not put off until tomorrow what can be done today… famous last words, I now * 

We actually had a rather shortened meeting as at the last minute Libs Elliott had to cancel her Trunk Show for us so instead we had a lot of talking and played a game that was a riot of fun. However the workshop on May 5th was a hit with so many participants. Watch for a new blog post about that and some pictures from Lindsay!

First on the agenda was that our books have been audited by Suzanne and everything is in order. Thanks Stephanie for doing such a great job with the books and keeping us in line. 

We discussed our Featured Quilter of the month. For the month of May it will be Donna, and for July it will be Heather. I have an idea for June but will present it tomorrow night at our monthly meeting! 


May – Music 

June- Triangles

July – Buttons 

Wow, those are some interesting ideas and already I can feel the creativeness of our members coming together for some show stopping quilts in the next few months

We discussed our Sew-In that happened on April 14th and Kathleen brought in a Pincushion Collage Quilt she had made and we had a great time discussing collage quilts with Karen and Terri giving us more ideas. For info on our Sew-in day you can see our previous blog post. 

I’d like to thank Kelly for such an awesome blog for the month of March. Kelly does many online social/media work and really knows her stuff. We will be watching for more sharing from her in new posts ! 

Our QuiltCon quilt is home from California and has already been shipped and arrived in Vancouver for Quilt Canada 2018. We are rather stoked about this as it’s the first time we have entered a group quilt. Also at Quilt Canada will be a quilt that Lorna, Debbie,Dorothy, Heather, Effie and Tara made . Dorothy and Megan also entered quilts so we have a great contingent there representing Niagara * insert huge smile here * 

Also discussed is the idea of doing a group quilt next year for QuiltCon instead of a Charity Quilt. There will be further discussion about this. 

Kathleen had blocks and instructions of Humboldt Strong quilt blocks and also sold tickets for a 50/50 draw. The winner was Audrey who not only won once, she won THREE times that night !!! We suggested that she buy a lottery ticket and she did and won $5 !! 

*** please note that it was April 12th when we held our meeting and Alida wore sandals !!! *** 

Lastly, other than show and tell, we had the best laughs of night with Susan’s game of 2 Truths and 1 Lie.  We were each given a piece of paper and we all, ironically, included sewing in some parts of our answers.  You were to write 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself, not necessarily in that order, and once Susan had received all the papers and called out the answers we guessed as to whom it was. I honestly wish we could have tape recorded this game because we laughed so much. We learned that some member of our guild have never tried a long arm machine, some hate applique and some hate doing handwork, some have TOO much material and their stash is over flowing yet the biggest thing that was revealed was how much we all love sewing and laughing !!! 

Challenges – Paint Chips


Audrey and her Pink Paint Chips

C0CA94F6-88F1-4D8D-AE16-992B4029BD2D  83AD8B96-4E63-4E48-B827-07D18D4E32B1  

Jennifer and her Blue String Blocks


Suzanne and her flair for colour

3108FD66-75E3-4397-B55E-F61CC04D0A17  F53FA16F-F434-438F-BA49-C46F24385A56

Susan and her palette of Blue !


Carla and her awesome green tumbling blocks! 

Show and Tell


Brenda and her Maker Quilt. Designer is Lorna Costantini. Brenda created this for one of our challenges. 

01E766C2-D29B-43AB-B3F0-E168B03ADAA6  65DE4346-629B-45A4-BD04-35BCCE3015C1  25E984FA-F03A-43D2-B201-80DD7803B846  21FEFD5A-41D5-45D7-A7A1-42F960DB30CF  56AC6FC1-44C9-4734-8F07-00D1E1BAE0CA    F5CB7BC1-EE6B-4217-85F0-E86E210A38C8

Jayne and her Birds of a Feather. She made this using scrap bag fabrics. Jayne says ” I made a few challenge blocks for the Bird Challenge and then forgot to bring them to the meeting so I made a few more and put them together. My binding is not done yet, but I intend to give it away before the next meetings so I needed to bring it now. The bird blocks are done without a pattern so they are a little different” 


Gwen made this quilt using a panel with the Canadian Mountie. It’s a wall hanging. Great job Gwen! 

DEFDEE01-1D37-4E59-90DE-120F77E1B6D6  5CDE7EB4-6147-4588-8F2A-3E38CEC16F4A  

Maria made the most adorable Teddy Bear. It was hand appliqués you had to use 90% of the fabric that you were given !! Adorable

D9BB9673-2C09-48E0-86C3-AC5C39B52FEC  68C67C48-881D-4ABC-B769-DD51B1399E71  

Sylvia’s 3rd quilt is the paper pieces tulips. Wow ( I’m still afraid to try paper piecing said Debbie ). And her new Grand Nephew will be receiving the elephants. Her most modern quilt yet! The elephants are an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. 


Debbie made this baby quilt using a Moda Pattern. It was gifted 4 days after our meeting and the receiver was thrilled with it as it was sewn and quilted on a sewing maching that was owned by her Aunt. 

Kathleen brought a beautiful PinCushion collage wall hanging that she made, but unfortunately I don’t seem to have a picture of it. When I get a picture of it I will add to this post…. It was gorgeous !!!






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