Libs Elliott Workshop Fun!


This awesome blog post is brought to you by Lindsay… photo credit to Kathleen. Thank you ladies!!!



We started off the day with a little introduction about how Libs Elliott goes through the process of developing the code to create her beautiful work. She showed us how she can turn letters and numbers into colourful images that she randomizes to make the pattern for her quilt! How cool is it that you can use a program, to come up with unlimited combinations of shape pairings to come up with something truly unique and personalized as to what speaks to you? I think thats pretty awesome!

IMG_1307  IMG_1306  IMG_1305  IMG_1314  IMG_1322  IMG_1323

Then we went onto how we were going “old school” to do a similar idea to what the computer can do and we were using pencil and paper to create our random masterpiece. We played quilt block bingo and with each square chosen for us with a tool off a dice, we came up with the bones for our quilt. Now it was time to colour! Some of us had a wonderful planned out way of colouring the blocks, others just coloured how they felt it looked great!

IMG_1304  IMG_1317  IMG_1321  IMG_1319  IMG_1320

After a little back and forth with trying to decide on colours, I gave up, making my whole page just black and white and figured I would “wing it” with the fabric and go totally random. Working out how much of each fabric was required for each block was fun then it was time to cut! The process was very interesting and took away a little bit of control from us as it was up to the dice as to what will go where…it was actually a very nice lesson in “embracing the chaos” that can come just from not having the ability to make the decision as to what will go where! Very cool….and I felt like it gave a new perspective on how it can be stunning even if we’ve not spent hours sorting out each and every detail.

IMG_1313  IMG_1315


Nobody completed the project that day but everyone had a ton of fun, learned a lot and were filled with excitement to see where the “mystery quilt” would take them! Can’t wait to see how they turn out in the coming months and see if everyone followed the rules and “embraced the chaos”


Thank you to everyone who helped set up and take down at the hall, especially Barbara, our newest member who brought the irons and ironing boards for us to use and help with all the set up for our wonderful day!

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