MAY we talk about Modern Quilts !

May is a month of renewal for those of us that like spring. It’s time to start new projects and also a time to buy a few new fat quarters or yardage of some wonderful Modern fabric and let your creative flair begin!! 

The talk at the beginning of our meeting was about the collage workshop so that was our first Show & Tell! We have 4 happy quilters here and 7 others who haven’t finished * but I am sure they will in short order because these are too cute to make into a UFO *

Collage Finishes !!

Even though it’s only been a scant 3 weeks since our workshop, we have some finished collages ! For those of you who could not attend there is a fantastic video on YouTube that explains the technique. You can find it Here

26B6F48C-08E1-4DF0-927F-0D63B685BAB5  A2F8283C-4CD6-4DCE-8CB4-3020CDA5E284             DFD56E92-D5EA-4352-8A40-706EDFCD0302  92841AC1-F1F5-4A2F-A5B9-903DAC988233

We recently had 21 people attend the Libs Elliott workshop that we hosted and they had a good day of quilting and sewing * the previous post is all about that day. Thanks again to Lindsay and Kathleen for writing and taking pictures. It is an excellent blog post * 

On the November 7th weekend our Guild, along with Ancaster Modern Quilt Guild and Sew Etc, will be hosting Cheryl Arkinson for 3 days of Workshops and Trunk Shows! We are ecstatic to be so lucky to see her amazing work. On Thursday Nov 8th Cheryl will be doing a trunk show for our Guild and on Friday Nov 9th will be the Niagara Guild’s day for a work shop! Definite plans for which course we will be doing haven’t been set yet, but at our  next Guild Meeting on June 14th we will be taking registration for the WorkShop !  Cheryl has a book called Sunday Morning Quilts and one of her courses that is offered is Little Scraps-Big Options


For the month of May our challenge was Music. If you can believe it we didn’t have one quilter who brought in a Music Quilt.. I attribute this to the fact that in the past month we had 2 different workshops and everyone was super busy !!!! I have a feeling this suggestion could come up again * wicked smile * 

June: Triangles 

July: Buttons

August is a month off for the Guild Meetings but watch for a special announcement on what our plans are for that month ! 

In June we will draw for our September Challenge. 

Susan had an excellent idea for our October Challenge. A Block-Lotto of Houses! Any size, any shape, any colour. As many blocks as you bring in is how many ballots you get !!! I can see this being a busy and exciting month! 

Teresa had inquired about a busy for QuiltCon for 2018 but the cost was prohibitive to any of us. Almost $17,000. I’m thinking that some people may find their own way there because next year it’s on the East Coast. 

Featured Quilter of the Month

For the month of June Heather will be our featured Quilter and for the month of July we are going to try something new. EACH of us will be the featured Quilter as we would like you each to bring in a Quilt that you have previously brought in and we want you to re-show us that quilt. We tend to find that with our 2 hour window for our meetings that there just isn’t a chance to see each quilt, to find out the technique and to just check it out. So this is a way that we get to revisit everyone’s quilt. Pick one of your favourites and come show us again how you did it !!!! 

This months Featured Quilter is Donna. Her show was electric with different styles and her colours and style of quilting sure have changed over the years !!! We loved it. 


Donna’s Trunk Show

  93330F6E-34CB-49E6-83B2-5125EC654929      D7D50980-03C8-4C43-B7EB-B2D74789F236  8139B190-DB91-4639-B07A-C8155DEDCF78  F85128A2-4208-403D-A8F2-C8B89D9F7418  D6FB724F-AABA-483F-85F4-76F00CB2CF3B  FAFA4283-B8D0-4940-B3EB-48FC20DAA777  F2B139EC-EA16-41ED-9FB2-3701BCAC230D Great use of a large print. It looks amazing

  1436F2CB-D792-4AC5-9DCB-2E6FCA720C8E This pink bordered floral quilt is a stack and whack. So colourful

  5B2FD4F6-C717-49DD-8B1A-178647A40E09  2856B1A9-E302-4053-8716-9200C542BAC1  EC6D9F05-5B11-4C3A-8D1B-31D5206B3836  B906DA6E-C3BA-4625-84AE-3CDEF4993881  

This quilt needs an explanation because it is a panel that was cut into 3 rectangles! What an innovative use of a panel * I’m going to keep this in mind * 

D82131AB-C372-43F0-8B8F-5C1DBEC5913D  0B9AA5D3-EA80-4D00-9C6E-51F98A124CB0  

Donna was so thrilled over this quilt because of the unique way that you build the Dragon Flies. The use of variegated fabric really makes the Dragon Flies shimmer when there is no light shining on them!

F4D1D9B3-6761-4CDB-A6EF-A18D09B70C01  8C568782-C539-4287-9E63-ADC5558FF8B3  25A661B0-AFC9-4AD6-925A-E24FAF700DAD

Oh boy I remember when Donna first brought this Canada 150 quilt to a guild meeting almost a year ago. It was her first attempt at machine quilting a project and with the help of Lorna she accomplished an incredible quilt. 

  F535D1F4-E014-4E36-A442-7AD8386B0C07  96B73C96-CDB1-4483-9A31-AE7CC058F4A6  1D774460-FD9C-47DA-88E5-A11972705E64  6AEB70D8-8B2E-40D2-9CFB-6AFA22A6988A  7A00E140-BBAF-4599-873B-189C44E37E00 

 95150001-D573-4A24-9418-BED1CCA4FCA3  AFC8E773-1CA7-4F25-A3CF-27E2B04930CC  D12229BF-BE06-4278-A1C1-D5C3742463D7  14F5D553-8622-4A14-A79F-5FA5AD4B80DE  1A1D4A3A-7A60-474E-8DF4-623BF0CD8206  E3CA0A6A-DBB0-4A61-9470-4C8BB62F6551 

 26DE1FD7-1A16-4A65-8E2B-2D467269E5A4  1400BB54-7074-49F0-9D2E-5CCC15DED810  376BA42A-AC88-447C-B845-3399D208615F 


This blue and white quilt is so captivating. Believe it or not each of the pieces in each block is fussy but to make the circular shape. the last fabric shown is what Donna cut up to make each block so different. Amazing! 


60658651-9C9B-45DD-813C-5C3C8360953A  C5FFF911-1742-4AC3-BCD5-D373BDD44671   

Normally we don’t see much clothing yet Donna chose to show us something that astounded us. The outfit on the left was made for her Mother from an Aunt in England. The outfit on the right was made in Saskatchewan for her Father when he was a young child. Such a different in fabrics and styles. They are a really family treasure!


 If you are wondering about the similarities and thought you were seeing double then Yes…….. this is Donna’s twin sister Diane! Donna is wearing the grey sweater and a big smile!!!


Unfortunately Tara could not make it to our meeting but she had created an awesome presentation that Debbie presented. * I don’t feel I did it justice * In July when we bring in our own Challenge Revisit Quilts we will go thru the presentation again. It’s a video that Jacquie Gering has created and Tara condensed it to how it applies to our Guild. 

AD4C2BD6-69B9-4A05-8359-873FD91955BE  A209D4B8-F396-49D4-8625-3E37F1BEC12A

Show & Tell

A1935573-2A3F-4310-99B5-4BF98D830789 E73852CD-757A-4217-884F-C96E9DE9F2D7                              A1935573-2A3F-4310-99B5-4BF98D830789  BAD542DA-5CE3-4555-9BFB-047A60A62E68   

Janie: I won some bird blocks last fall during our Block Lotto and I was experimenting with some selvages, making feathers. There is writing in my quilt about birds. Birds on a wire means Rain, Birds of a Feather flock together and Crows don’t like owls !!!

2BADCD17-1472-4581-BB2D-25EBAC1794C7  F5864B0D-4F33-47EF-978D-CEFAFBA26E31

Gwens name for this quilt is Bentality. Her only other description is that it’s queen size but I will say that it was truly amazing in person. The negative space was exactly what Debbie had been talking about in Tara’s presentation. It’s great Gwen


Suzanne made this Reptile Jungle from a kit found at Shoreline Quilts in Port Elgin. She made it for a school fundraiser!! 

82286D10-9711-49D9-A1DB-4B333734A8B8  61B6CD74-79B2-4C10-A1BC-C7070F449B78  DD49B0D7-BDDD-4F8D-BCB3-28609E5AB666

Pam made this quilt at our Libs Elliott workshop and it doesn’t have a name yet (* but I’m sure she will find a colourful name ! * For her second quilt she says ” Some time ago I won a pattern and 4 fat quarters at the NMQG meeting. I added some of my fabric to make this quilt which will be a wedding gift for my nephew Jon in September. 

628B0EC4-F45A-4719-856C-1D8B432F1832  4A580F96-9982-4FB8-A723-155249EF1A0A  D5ABB935-DA8E-4700-A164-1E0766BCEAD8  77ABD740-7F84-4E03-8D9C-6D225FE15308  605653D8-35DE-4B47-9C49-BB39ED54D48F

Lorna had quite a number of quilts to show. 1st she had a Kaffe Fassett quilt that she was given blocks and fabric from Suzanne and Lorna reworked it. It’s improv with big stitch quilting. 2nd she made a gorgeous paper pieced zebra from Tartankiwi. Wow this pice is amazing to see in person! 3rd Lorna had her version of Creating the Chaos from Libs Elliott. It was super interesting to see both Pam and Lorna’s quilt beside each other to see how different 2 quilts can look. 



Barb had a beautiful quilt that is her own original design. The colours were striking and the fact that the blocks were turned On Point created a quilt easy on the eyes! 

A5804C98-E043-4D54-A20E-C2182AD585C8  02973FAC-CB8A-47D4-8A62-1217B07F72FE  07430E24-5E1B-4398-801A-5010901D9395

Kathleen sure had an assortment of quilting techniques and sewing tonight. First it should be mentioned that at the Libs Elliott workshop Kathleen modelled her Lips paper pieced jean jacket. The lips are a Libs Elliott original design and after Libs saw it she saved and used the picture on her Instagram account ! that is the highest form of compliments that any quilter could hope to have. Congratulations Kathleen. Kathleen also made a pillow that Barb taught her how to make from a Roberta Massacar technique. All of the black fabric you see is actually behind the front fabric, which has been cut out !! Also we get to finally post a picture of Kathleens pincushion wall hanging that she made at Quilted Cardinal during a workshop.. It’s a Laura Heine pattern and is so colourful !!!


Effie says ” I finally finished my Modern Amish Challenge that we had a few month ago. It’s totaly improv with bright colours, negative space I was overthinking this quilt and decided one day to just get it done so here it is ” It will be a gift for a family member for Christmas … but not her daughter Carla !!! lol

 60F69252-EF60-414B-853C-57A439026A75  E0244713-72E1-42DB-A125-838C91AB8E09

Susan made this beautiful Muffin Tops quilt from a pattern in Simply Modern issue #12. It was designed by Latifah Saafir. Susan converted it from a pieced pattern into a hand appliqué work !!! 


Deborah made this wonderful Bargello called Transitions of the Heart. She says ” our hearts go through so many transitions throughout our lives. There are many seasons and hues” It was stunning ! 

8157A17E-33FA-4F4C-A973-CDC44E483FA4  36F41929-403A-41C4-89DE-60E9BD98ED4A  7E444374-3933-4A2C-9A1C-B3A54BF711DE

Megan made this quilt called Hexagon Positivity. It’s a Tula Pink backing that she says “got out of control” lol It has a cotton lining background which was ” Quilted within a quarter of it’s life ” …. Heck that’s a creative expression in itself !!!! 




  1. Boy did I miss a fun meeting! I loved Pam’s Chaos quilt and Effoe’s Modern Amish Finish. Janie’s Feathers and Gwen’s Bentality quilt were also gorgeous! It’s always so nice to see them up close and personal. Thanks for the quick and fun blog, Debbie!


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