2 Cheryl Arkison Workshops!

On Friday November 9th and Saturday November 10th our Guild hosted Cheryl Arkison for 2 workshops. 

Friday was Little Scraps, Big Options and wow did we ever learn how to destash our stash of scraps and how  organization is the key to learning how to build a new quilt. 

E4C57EB4-47C6-492D-AA2A-B153CBA57CDF  88854CC5-CC59-4C66-9EDD-0DA07EE0DBAA  2086E109-A465-4A4D-9CDA-8AF9CF8AE052  C4F6BC90-BE95-421E-9E90-457DDC3C9767  A495FB4B-DD40-427D-81B7-28422FFF99E6  6CDDE2AB-7F57-4CE1-9CB3-D07308ADDCF8  D25BD0EB-EE88-417A-92D6-D79AA8F73D0F  545A0F4E-C65F-4616-A6B8-3412BFB4C7EE  FC9F1FA9-EBEF-4403-A2C1-1EBE4863D24B  2C45151D-76D7-4B14-BED9-E7EC715D928B  3AE31B96-34D1-47FD-A578-FCF0423AF00F  81F0A197-1B3D-46A5-A409-B384891A6401

Saturday was a workshop on Familiar Blocks in Fun Ways and boy did we have fun on Saturday too. It’s so interesting to note how different everyone’s perception was on how to make their blocks modern!

EFC35206-7FA1-4A69-A94C-80DDB2485F92  C8B7F129-7F61-4EB9-86D2-AF0902DFC448  D5F02B97-3F63-4908-81D8-A6D636F69EDA  D1BF2D17-B6E8-4F59-BA53-4203D2590B59  054C9B95-E484-47D2-854C-66E54A5C2F54  DDF894F4-FA66-44F2-B548-B7A2789ECA33  6D4C1132-9C47-42F0-8BFC-C6B7F4887AE6  8F023529-4519-4DB3-B306-98D869B1C9FF 2FF044A3-E706-4267-B06E-9C97AFDCE1D1  7D005B19-BA39-4D5B-9EF8-AAB255711700  21861E9A-AE06-4E69-BCE7-656F183C01AA  CABEC77A-CB06-4B21-92D7-7336CE98E8DD  6974A718-BCB1-43D7-BCC9-F280E9F139FA  D72F1518-5CAD-4BCF-9AC0-0ADF420D2047 4781C9C1-E26D-40E2-8485-C65B3777E8F0 34B5807C-F8E5-4CA4-A3B5-17B0AEABB5CE

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