December Delights and Highlights!

Our annual Christmas event and fun night was exciting and very boisterous. We started the meeting with Stephanie giving her final report for our finances and we also talked about our member renewal and payment for next years MQG membership was set up when we came into the room.

Lorna gave us her wrap-up of our very successful Cheryl Arkison workshops. As members we loved the scrap ideas and many members have already put them to good use. Storage ideas was a huge topic for many of us as we expand our collection of fabric ( no we are not hoarders but curators of wonderful fabric lol ) Cheryl was a totally delightful teacher who shared so many ideas and helped each person out individually in both workshops. 

IMG_4672   IMG_4703

We discussed having our Sew & Tell papers online so members can print their own copy and have it already filled out before the meeting * Great idea * 

Congratulations to our new Executive who have an exciting year planned for us already. They are: 

President – Heather Salter, Secretary – Kelly Otten. And still standing is our Vice-President – Tara McInerney, Treasurer – Stephanie Baisley and Social Media/Public Relations – Debbie Eccles. 

The end of the meeting closed with our annual gift swap which is always so much fun. Numbers are drawn, order is followed and you can steal presents until the end of the night when we each finally open our gifts. You have never heard such laughter and pouts in your life as being in attendance of this meeting. 

Here are the Sew and Tell quilts followed by each person and their beautiful new Table Runner! 

Sew and Tell 

IMG_4613             IMG_4616

Sharlene – Kaffe Fassett fabric using Jennifer Sampson “Elephant and I” pattern. The original pattern has a person on it but I left it out and liked the Majestic single elephant. Once I got around to quilting it I may do some big stitch quilting.  My second quilt is a Kate Spain Batik Layer Cake using Moda Bake Shop pattern. Flying geese are not my favourite type of block but I thought I’d give it a try since their pattern uses the “4 at a time method”. 

  IMG_4622  IMG_4621

IMG_4618  IMG_4617

Karen – “Beer and Baseball” This is a Christmas gift for my nephew and his wife. they’re into making craft beer and going to every baseball field in North America. My second quilt is called ” Night & Day” It is on Pinterest as Sew Very Easy. Laura A. Coia has a quilt similar to my inspiration – her centre squares are 4:, mine had to be 6 3/4 to use the panel I bought years ago. Also the panels were not ” true” as I angled the borders so it would hide the flaws. It’s a gift for my niece. 


IMG_4623  IMG_4624  IMG_4627

Jayne – “Courting the Mare” This is a quilt pattern from Silver Linings. I did make it larger size. I started this project at the No Quilt Police retreat and just finished it yesterday. It is a Christmas present for my husband.  The larger quilt I found and purchased while at an auction. It was in a lawyers office in Toronto. Details are painted on the fabric and the one building is from Connecticut but I am waiting for more information to confirm. 

IMG_4629  IMG_4628  IMG_4631

Donna – This elephant quilt is paper pieced and is designed by Violt Kraft. * the tabs on the back are innovative way to hang a quilt. A dowel can keep both the top and bottom straight when hanging it *  The pot holder is sewn with selvedges and is a Christmas Santa. 


IMG_4635  IMG_4634  IMG_4641 IMG_4637 

Kathleen. My grandchildren call me MiMi and I found this panel at Lens Mill that perfectly depicts what is written in the book I have read to my grandchildren. I also made 6 cushions as Christmas gifts to my children. I want to make 12 cushions total  with this panel from the Buggy Barn. I also needed to sew up a fast quilt so this was the result. It was quilted by  Jen Dyck


Barb – “Cock of the Walk” this pattern is a Laura Heine improv quilt. I used anything that had flowers. I can’t recall the fabric designers. 

IMG_4645  IMG_4646  IMG_4649  IMG_4648

Dorothy –  I recently did some Eco-printing and made these scarfs and table runners. The quilt is called ” It’s in the Files” it is an improvised court house steps block and lots of negative space. 

IMG_4607  IMG_4609  IMG_4611

Tara – I adapted a quilt from the @teaginny ( Alexandra Ledgerwoods book  “Improvising traditional” and the reverse is inspired by Sherry Lynn Woods floating squares score. This lives on my bed ! The second quilt was inspired by Alexandra Ledgerwood post that I made on a table runner from “Made Fabric”. I pieced it at our Cheryl Arkison workshop. I put about 13 hours of free motion into this baby and I’m keeping this one for me ! 

Christmas Table Runner Gift Exchange 

IMG_4675  Audrey and her gift from Sylvia

IMG_4676  Susan her gift from Cheryl

IMG_4677  Terri and her gift from Jayne 

IMG_4678  Carla and her gift from Dianne. Pam and her gift from Sharlene

IMG_4679 Effie and her gift from Donna.Dorothy and her gift from Audrey

IMG_4680   Stephanie and her gift from Jennifer

IMG_4681  Sharlene and her gift rom Kelly

IMG_4682 Tori and her gift from Terri. Kelly and her gift from Suzanne

IMG_4683  Karen and her gift from Debbie


IMG_4685 Suzanne and her gift from Lorna. Barbara and her gift from Stephanie


IMG_4684   Jayne and her gift from  Karla

IMG_4688 Janie and her gift from Alida. Jennifer and her gift from Theresa

IMG_4690  Heather and her gift from Kathleen

IMG_4691 Lindsay and her gift from Tori

IMG_4693  Karen and her gift from Brenda

IMG_4692  Lorna and her gift from Heather

IMG_4695  Tara and the gift made by Tara. She did trade with Theresa !! 

IMG_4696  Debbie and her gift from Dorothy 


IMG_2267 Margaret and her gift from Effie

IMG_4698 Donna and her gift made by Pam

IMG_4699 Alida and her gift made by Karen H.

IMG_4700   Brenda and her gift from Lindsay

IMG_4701  Sylvia and her gift from Margaret

IMG_4702 Dianne and her gift from Jayne

IMG_4686  Cheryl and gift from Karen.Kathleen and her gift from Susan






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