Improv Round Robin just in Time for Robin Season

Fourteen NMQG  members had a fantastic Saturday at our Sew-In!  We were thrilled it was a cloudy day out because that was the perfect day for sewing indoors.  10 people participated in the round Robin and four people had brought along their own sewing to work on. 

 Tara organized the day perfectly with numbers on our tables and a small recipe card where each of us would write the specifics of how we would like our block sewn.  We each had a half an hour to sew a block and once the timer went off it was just a matter of “Let the games begin” 

 Our lunch was fantastic and so were the many desserts !  We wrapped up at 3 PM and I will say there were many excited quilters going home with future WIPs to work on!     


IMG_2627      IMG_2882IMG_2896  IMG_2883IMG_2877  IMG_2884      IMG_2883  IMG_2876  IMG_2878  IMG_2880IMG_2899  IMG_2887  IMG_2885  IMG_2888  IMG_2891  IMG_2890  IMG_2889  IMG_2898  IMG_2892



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