May 2020

Round 2 of Zoom Guild Meetings. This month’s photo gallery includes show and tell and W.I.P. #7

Made by the Fabrigettes, Lorna, Stephanie, Tara, Debbie, Heather, Jennifer, Dorothy and me. Heather started us on this project after the shootings in Nova Scotia. It will be donated to the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild for distribution to one of the victims or their family members. We each made slab blocks per Cheryl Arkison’s instructions which I assembled, quilted and bound. The label says “We Remember” along with our names, St Catharines, ON and 2020 as requested by MMQG.
 “vintage” by Camille Roskelly in her book “Simply Retro” by Lorna C.
Wall hanging Quiltalong with Emily Taylor by Kathleen O
Proverbial Quiltalong by Kathleen O
 “Ithink most of you recognize this as the handiwork of our own Audrey. I got really lucky and snagged it when she shared her treasures with our guild one time when she was downsizing.” Tara M.
“This is my glorious bug who is yet to be quilted because I can’t seem to figure out what is the matching colour to the background.” Tara M
“I made this pillow for a girlfriend who teaches yoga to us at work. She is so amazing. She Teaches us on zoom. Neti neti means neither this nor that and it kind of suggests that we shouldn’t get all worked up about anything because everything is temporary; impermanent. It’s basically Sanskrit for this too shall pass.” Tara M.
Quilted Pillow by Tara M.
Proverbial Quilt #2 by Tara M.
 “My very own “Sorella” quilt for my bed!” Lorna C.
“Top is now done for my Nova Scotia quilt. Pattern by Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting. First time I’ve made a ‘block’ quilt with different sizes of pieced blocks. *(Navy finish at 10″ square; Yellow at 8″ square; all medium blue & green blocks are 8″x 10″ to make it work) I used fabric from my stash that are in the Nova Scotia Tartan.💗” Karen J.
“My version of the 2019 Summer Sampler” Karen H.

WIP # 7

Stephanie B
Anne V
Jennifer D
Lorna C.

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