March 2021 Sew N Tell

Thank you to guild member JoAnne V for her presentation on hand-dying fabric. She shared with us the different types of dyes for which fabric, different dying techniques and a showcase of hand-dyed fabrics and completed projects. Members were awe-inspired and we are looking forward to attending one of her workshops in the future. Current members can access this month’s meeting in our private members-only group.

Please enjoy two slide shows this month, the first one features the many talents of our guild members, and a few WIP challenges completed. The second one showcases the time and talent guild members have dedicated to the Project Noah charity organization.

Project Noah

We have had members answer the call to make baby quilts for the grassroots organization, Project Noah. In the gallery that follows you can see the variety of talent. Thank you guild members for your time and talent to this organization. Our guild member, Kathleen O’ has taken the lead on collecting and distributing the quilts, along with her group of helpers. Here is a message from Kathleen:

What a joy to open a bag with a lovely donated baby quilt inside. The first thing I do is hug it. Yummy.

   The donation by NMQG of 30 yards of 80/20 batting is a sign of your wonderful  generosity and that you share our vision. Many individuals answered my call for baby print fabric and flannelette. Thank you. 

    Jennifer D. has mentored and supported me from my first vision to provide quilts for babies taken into care by FACS. Jennifer is a valuable friend and a continuing resource.

   The number of quilts sewn in 2021 has  topped 50 …excellent. The numbers of babies -100 every year .

    Full Baby Quilt Kits will be offered when the batting arrives and will include a new FREE pattern shared by Suzanne Rate. I hope you enjoy sewing one – or two ?

HINT: it features a modern star design – just like you. ⭐️

Thank you, Kathleen O

Who are the Fabrigettes?

The Fabrigettes are a small coven of adventurously quilty friends who encourage and inspire each other’s creative undertakings, once upon a time in the form of monthly meetings and still in an ongoing messenger group. There is no substitute for good company, funny stories and often tasty treats. The group started in 2015 as a “share knowledge” group to learn new techniques and then morphed into “let’s enter a quilt show” as well. Recognition at both quilt Canada and QuiltCon was a welcome surprise. Even tho Covid has side-tracked their f2f meetups, they have continued to work together via zoom trying out new patterns to collectively piece blocks and create charity quilts. Stephanie, Lorna, Jennifer, Debbie, Effie, Dorothy, Tara and Heather make up the tribe.

This month they shared their quilt Modernly Morgan. The quilt was pieced by all the members of the Fabrigettes and Tara did the quilting.

The name of the pattern is: Homespun Quilt Pattern by Modernly Morgan

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