May 2021 Sew ‘N’ Tell

Special Guest Jacquie Gerig

This month’s meeting we partnered with the Grimsby Modern Quilt Guild for an inspiring lecture, Finding my Voice, An Artist’s Journey, by Jacque Gering from Tallgrass Praire Studio.   Jacquie has inspired many members through her bold, dramatic quilting and walking foot books: Walk and Walk 2.0 both available on her website or Chapters/Indigo.   

Jacquie’s lecture covered being an artist, aesthetic and trusting your own intuition and voice, fundamentals of modern quilting, design methods, working in a series, study concepts and so much more.  She finished with a Trunkshow of some of her amazing work.  Be sure to visit her website and view her gallery.

WIP for June is #1 Our next meeting is June 10, 2021. The Modern Quilt Guild will be presenting a lecture.

Sew ‘n’ Tell

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