Membership: Membership is $45.00 CA per year. The membership fee runs from January 1 to December 31. Guests are welcome with a $5 visitor fee. Our guild is associated with the worldwide Modern Quilt Guild and members enjoy the benefits of the Modern Quilt Guild (description follows) with their paid membership.

Benefits of the Modern Quilt Guild
Access to an online community of modern quilters
Monthly live webinar series and access to recorded webinars.
Free monthly pattern via email.
Opportunities to participate in inter-guild swaps and challenges
Discounted fees to enter MQG quilt shows
Discounted rates on conferences and events
Priority and early-bird registration on conference and event admissions


  1. Hello all
    I am relocating to the St. Catharines/Niagara area in the next two months, hoping to check you out! I am a member of Trent Valley Quilters’ Guild in Brighton, and have lots of fun, friends and support.
    Could you let me know when and where you meet? Thanks, and I look forward to meeting some new folks!


    • Hi Brenda, it will be wonderful to see you at our meetings. Under the meetings tab is a map and the exact address of where we meet, which is Bethany Community Church, 1388 Third St, St. Catharines, room 204. It’s always a treat meeting new quilters and I think you’ll fit right in with our group!


  2. Hello everyone,
    I have been following the group on Facebook for a couple momths now and have been meaning to attend a meeting or two as a guest. Life just keeps.getting in the way…
    Is there anything that I need to do prior to attending? Also the previous guild I was in brought treats or tea to the meetings, is there anything that I should bring?


    • Hi Andrea. We look forward to meeting you at our next meeting on November 10th. No preparation needed. We have a guest fee of $5.00 and we only have snacks for our Xmas meeting. Check out our Newsletter for more details.


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